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  1. kubstix

    Water Heater leaking from top hot connection

    Can anyone tell me why the Electric water heater is leaking from the hot connection? It is 100% not the fitting. It is coming from underneath the white cloth below the threaded connection, filling up the void here (I just cleaned it), and dripping down the side of the tank. I just relieved...
  2. kubstix

    Sump Pump Horizontal Distance?

    Zoeller N53 pump 4-5 Foot Vertical pump How far horizontal can I go if I dig a trench about 40 feet to the back yard and put one of those sprinkler heads at the end? And how much do I have to worry about the pipe freezing living in Northeastern PA Winters? Can't get an accurate answer as to...
  3. kubstix

    Insulating Garage

    Demoing garage right now and debating on some things. 2 stall attached garage with 2 bedrooms above. Down to studs right now and going to insulate. Walls and ceiling had R-11 and drop ceiling (failed code not fireproof) The only thing I made a decision on was #1. Not sure what to do with 2...
  4. kubstix

    Question about PEX and Rodents

    I am currently demoing my garage ceiling (drop ceiling) in order to replace insulation in ceiling and doing 5/8 sheetrock (living space above). I currently have CPVC in my house and I am replacing my entire house with Uponor. My main line from the well tank to the back of the garage where my...
  5. kubstix

    Sump Pump Check Valve Problem

    So I just completed a pretty large project in my house which included adding a sump pump. I had everything temporarily piped with Fernco's because I had some other things needed to be done but wanted to start pumping. Yesterday I decided to pull the pump to pipe everything up one final time...
  6. kubstix

    Do I need check valve on my sump?

    Just had my garage re-concreted and I had the crew dig a pit for a sump before my pour. Do I need a check valve? What purpose would this benefit me on such a short run? I did buy the Zoeller Quiet Check Valve, but I'm just wondering if I even need it. I plan doing a setup similar to below...
  7. kubstix

    Is this OK (Closet Flange Install)

    I am having some concrete work done, and showed the guys the schematics of what my plumbing was going to be. I had all the fittings ready to go, pipe, blueprints, ect. The only thing they didn't do was my 90 elbow properly. I wanted to stick a 2 foot 4" pipe out of the concrete that I was...
  8. kubstix

    Replumbing Bathroom 3" or 4"?

    Replacing my bathroom plumbing in the basement. It was done with Sch.30 Thin Wall PVC buried and replacing with Sch.40. I am also replacing my cast iron sewage basin with a plastic one so now is the opportunity to do all this at once. Basement pipe is roughly a 6 foot run from toilet to...
  9. kubstix

    What size pipe is this?

    So to give a quick background. I am having my garage concrete flour redone and have a sewage basin in the right hand corner for my downstairs bathroom. I am replacing this cast iron basin with a plastic so I am doing some prepping. I am also remodeling my basement at the same time. I was...
  10. kubstix

    Sump bin Perforated vs Non Perforated?

    Having my entire garage slab demoed and repoured for various reasons. Long story shot, my slab is cracked straight through 4-5 feet in from my garage due to water issues (will be corrected as well). Garage drain is concreted shut by previous owner because of either being clogged (just drains...
  11. kubstix

    Is my sub panel location OK?

    I bought my house about 6 years ago and my inspector did not say anything nor put anything in his report about this subpanel being a violation. I am asking now because I am upgrading this guy from a 60a to 100a mainly because I need more spaces.
  12. kubstix

    Do I need a new sewage basin?

    So long story short. We got an absolutely ridiculous storm 2 nights ago that dropped several inches of rain within an hour and flooded out all my neighbors basements, ect ect. I walked in my garage the next morning to find 3-4 inches of water. I have a sewage basin in this garage with no pump...
  13. kubstix

    Manabloc Questions/Well Pressure Tank

    So I am in the middle of completely redoing my pressure tank setup. New pressure tank and new plumbing. Right now I am unsure what I'm going to use after the Ball Valve. Either 1" to 3/4 adapter or sticking with 1". Right now I am going to connect to the existing line which is 3/4. In the...
  14. kubstix

    Brass, SS, or PVC Pressure Tank Plumbing?

    Hello everyone. Just had my well pump go a month or so ago and now I am back in business. However I am starting to exhibit issues with the plumbing around the pressure tank (leaking boiler drain, release valve nut, ect). I noticed my tank is 25+ years old as well as my plumbing and thought I...
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