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  1. ArayT

    Witch Dr.

    A man and his buddies are playing golf, he ask do yall have the same issue, my wife never wants sex anymore. They all respond you need to go see the Witch Dr., he can fix you up yep the Witch Dr. has what you need. He takes a trip tells the Dr. the problem Dr. replies I have just what you...
  2. ArayT

    Repair or replace HVAC

    An eighteen year old unit with issues should be replaced. The cost of the repair and then if you have another issue its money down the drain. I would get three prices on the replacement from reputable companies and make sure you compare apples to apples. The higher the EER rating does have a...
  3. ArayT

    Kingston brass kb36330PX Tub spout dribbling

    As others said it should drain in the off position but should not leak. The warning about installing a hand-shower is because it will not allow the trapped water to drain, like placing your finger over the end of a straw.
  4. ArayT

    Vanity gap suggestions?

    Really based on preference. 1/4" gap is doable w caulk but recommend filling the void w backer material prior to installing. There are several types of trim available that can be used but again based on personal preference.
  5. ArayT

    Carrier infinity with code 47 No 230V to unit - later no power at Thermostat

    When you checked for power what was it? Power to your tstat comes from a transformer located normally in the air-handler. Make sure ALL your connections are tight. Loose connections can cause multiple problems.
  6. ArayT

    96% high efficiency furnace

    Make sure the smaller unit is sufficient. Higher efficiency does not mean more cooling.
  7. ArayT

    Partitioning L-shaped room. Should I move a register?

    That's a common problem with this type layout (assuming there's no or very limited attic space). Normally the problem is the limited space to install ceiling insulation between the 2x6 rafters vs the knee wall. 8" return and the transfer duct should be sufficient. Make sure the flex is pulled...
  8. ArayT

    Premier PEX Fittings Leaking

    All, I appreciate the replies. Guess its time to make decisions. Thanks Ray
  9. ArayT

    Heat Pumps without much redundancy in cold climate?

    As others have said, would not recommend it. Heat pump provides heat in two ways, what it captures outside and heat of compression. With what you have available outside, that just isn't enough.
  10. ArayT

    Distance between AC ducts and existing water heater

    Would look at clearance requirements for referenced tank/s, if that's ok then not a problem.
  11. ArayT

    Partitioning L-shaped room. Should I move a register?

    Agree with fitter30, move it. Doors don't need much undercut to be effective.
  12. ArayT

    Trying out CoolCalc - questions.

    If the info you have gives the sensible cooling, i.e. 48,000 btus, the remaining btus is latent (12,000). 12+48=60k btus or 5ton. 80% sensible 20% latent. The higher the latent capacity the better it is at removing moisture.
  13. ArayT

    Premier PEX Fittings Leaking

    Thanks fitter30, unfortunately I'm the builder. The plumbing supply company closed doors approx 8-9 years ago. I believe the book you're thinking is Thomas Register, haven't seen those in years but believe they are still around. Sounds like a good start. Do you have a recommendation for...
  14. ArayT

    Premier PEX Fittings Leaking

    JohnCT thanks for the reply. Do you have a preference for replacement? I'll need to get the PH checked. Yes agree about those not accessible. I cannot find any info on this manufacturer (Premier). If I knew they had issues I would start changing them out. Appreciate any advise. Ray
  15. ArayT

    Premier PEX Fittings Leaking

    Anybody had issues with Premier fittings. House was built approx 12 years ago and this is the second leak, both are Premier fittings, corroding. These are installed through the two story house. Bathroom floor flooded first time (10-12 months ago) same bathroom ceiling this time. Should I...
  16. ArayT

    Mysterious slab

    Kids jumping in and out of the tub???
  17. ArayT

    Fleck 7000, Iron build up, how to remove?

    I found out what would remove the rust from the valve body and the other misc parts, "The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner" worked like a champ. Placed it full strength in a plastic bag dropped the parts in and let soak. I remembered I used it to clean some vinyl siding where a sprinkler had been...
  18. ArayT

    Fleck 7000, Iron build up, how to remove?

    I have a fleck 7000 system and I'm in the process of replacing the resin and replacing the O-rings in the valve. The valve and tank has a lot of rust buildup in it, is there a product I can use to clean them up prior to replacing the O-rings and resin? Can I soak them in iron-out? Thanks Ray
  19. ArayT

    Fleck 7000

    Guys I tried to reprogram it this morning and it went strait to the proper screen. For some reason IT was going to the control program mode as Bannerman referenced Vs the master program mode. I left it set to go thru a regn cycle last night; and it did, not sure if that had anything to do with...
  20. ArayT

    Fleck 7000

    My model does not have that type of display, I have the 7000SE vs 7000SXT. Looks like it goes in the program mode while pressing up and down buttons but it moves from 12:01 then it goes to 2:00 vs 12:01 to U1. Thanks, Ray
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