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  1. RinCT

    Toilet is a Bidet

    Bought house in 2007 and Replaced all waste pipe except cast iron stack vent..but since then my toilet always bubbled up first before flushing. I replaced the toilet last week and water level in bowl drops down with nothing else on. It doesnt fill back up. When I flush it splashes up as if...
  2. RinCT

    Burnham Tankless Coil Leaking

    Did a search and didnt find many posts on this. I got a dribble leak from the gasket at the coil when we run the shower.. Wondering if you all think I should replace the entire coil with plate or just the plate and gasket? Burnham V83 (2001) I only use for hot water mostly since I have a...
  3. RinCT

    Burner didn't shut off at limit

    Newbie here. I just noticed my Oil Fired Burnham Boiler wasnt shutting off when heat runs. I turned Tstat down so it stopped. Went to check temp and it was almost 200 with pressure rose to 20psi. Normally at 15. I have Hi/Lo set at 180/150 and diff at 12. Maybe I never noticed before but why...
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