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  1. Chad Schloss

    Bill gates reinventing the toilet?!?|customfirefox|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D192501# slide=more18410 anyone seen this crap? pun intended lol :)
  2. Chad Schloss

    Tightening loose handle on Moen 6610 bath faucet

    I have the directions that came with the faucet. It says to remove the caps on top of the handle.. problem is, these do not look like caps, and i have already tried prying at one and scratched it. I even went on Moen's site and looked at the tech specs/pdf's, etc and they made two different ones...
  3. Chad Schloss

    Leaky washing machine shut off valve from Sioux Chief

    I installed a sioux chief ox box valve. i pressure tested my work and this valve after i hooked it up, no problems, after i finalized running the rest of my piping today, i tested first the cold, then the hot. worked fine, until i kept working the valves on/off to rid the system of air. now, the...
  4. Chad Schloss

    Did I do my wet vent bath group ok?

    Well, I have been waiting to do this for awhile now. I am rehabbing the entire house, so this has been on a list of mine for some time now. I still need to run the lines from the far end of the house for the kitchen sink and washing machine drain. They will tie into the 4" cleanout heading out...
  5. Chad Schloss

    Under Cabinet Xenon Lighting

    Thought I would share one of my projects that I completed a few years back. My photos were picked to be in a blog from the supplier of my under cabinet lights I installed in my basement kitchen. Thought it was pretty cool to have them feature me in their blog today :)...
  6. Chad Schloss

    Proper fitting needed, toilet sits ontop of stack, short distance to septic

    OK, I thought I had this figured out but I wanted some guidance just incase. This house is from the '50s and had a bunch of things wrong with it, so I am redoing most everything in the house. My question is about the proper fitting required to connect the toilet to the stack. The toilet sits...
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