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  1. rpdwyer

    Wiring a it correct?

    I finished the wiring to my shed/workshop this weekend. The connection between the two is 225 feet of direct burial 8/3 cable with ground. Where it exits/enters the house and shed it does so via 2" electrical conduit. The shed panel is mounted to plywood and the electrical coming in stays in...
  2. rpdwyer

    Amps at 230' via 8/3

    I’ve got a run of 8/3 with ground direct burial cable to run to my work shop that is 230’ away. Using the following voltage drop calculator I get a voltage drop of 3.97% at 15 Amps: However, I have two hots...does that get me more usable...
  3. rpdwyer

    Powering a shed 250' away

    Hi all. I’m looking to power a shed about 250’ feet from my house panel via a buried PVC conduit. Lowes sells Southwire 8/3 Stranded UF Wire with ground by the foot. Is this wire sufficient for PVC conduit burial up to 250’, 2 legs each sending 120V paired to a double throw 30 Amp breaker in...
  4. rpdwyer

    Led channels & tile

    Hello all. We're doing a master bath right now and I'd like to put some LEDs running vertically in a waterproof channel to really create a clean and modern aesthetic. I have a couple of questions though... If the aluminum channel is embedded within the tile, is it likely that the grout around...
  5. rpdwyer

    Running electrical 250'

    Hi All. I want to run 30 amps to my work shed about 250 feet from my house panel. It currently has a 60 AMP subpanel that I usually power with a generator. I've got an electric heater in there and some power tools including a wood lathe, saws, bench drill and bench grinders. I believe I can...
  6. rpdwyer

    Sharkbite Manifolds...reliable? Pex size recommendation

    Three questions: 1 - I have 3/4 copper for both hot and cold running into the space that will be our master bath. If I sweat on a SharkBite manifold to each of them and then attach Pex to SharkBite fittings, assuming everything is done correctly, will this setup be reliable and not leak 2 or 3...
  7. rpdwyer

    Moving a vanity drain about 4 feet

    Hi all. I have a drain pipe (1-7/8” OD) I need to move about 4 feet for a new sink we will be installing (this room was rough plumbed about 16 years ago and we are only getting to finishing it now) In the attached drawing the drains current location is in red hash and marked as “drain/vent”...
  8. rpdwyer

    Moving a toilet waste line 5.5 feet... Possible?

    Hello all. Just joined this forum looking for some advice. I have a master bath that was rough plumbed 10 years ago. We are only starting to convert it to a finished master bath (until now, it's just been used as storage). The problem is, the location of the 3" waste pipe is about 5'6" from...
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