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  1. micp879

    Toto Channel on Youtube

    For those that are interested, it looks like Toto has started up their own channel on youtube. They have only posted one video thus far, but Id like to think more will follow. They video they have posted is the testing of the Ultramax II. The double cyclone looks quite impressive; I never...
  2. micp879

    Ceiling fan question

    Hey guys, Hopefully I am posting this under an appropriate topic; if not, I appologize. I recently installed a 52 inch hunter ceiling fan in my master bedroom. There was a ceiling fan rated pancake box already installed by the builder. Well, in the process of installing the fan, I...
  3. micp879

    A/C flow very weak on first floor

    Hey everyone, Hopefully you can help me out. I recent moved into a newly built two story house. The air conditioning system is a dual zone system, with the first floor being one zone, and the second floor being the other zone. Each zone has its own thermostat, and they work...
  4. micp879

    Drip in Wall?

    Hey Guys, First off, I want to say thanks to Terry for this forum. Because of what I have learned here, I was able to repair a leaking toilet and save myself the cost of having a plumber come out to do a simple fix. Second of all, I have a question for Terry and any other...
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