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  1. davie

    Advice on Fine-Tuning Primary/Secondary Pumps

    A few years ago, I got some great help here doing heat loss calculations, choosing a boiler, and designing a radiant system for my home. The system is installed now, and it ran well all last winter. I'm very happy with how efficient it has been, and how comfortable it is. Thanks to everyone who...
  2. davie

    Expansion noise prevention running PEX through joists

    Hi all, I'm wondering what precautions to take when running PEX through joists to prevent expansion noises. Is just running it through a clearance hole good enough? Should it go through some sort of hanger/bushing? How many 1/2" or 5/8" pipes would you put through one clearance hole? I was...
  3. davie

    Feedback on Hydronic Schematic

    Hi all, I've got a draft schematic drawn up here for my new hydronic system, and I'm looking for some feedback. Specifically, I wonder if I'm missing anything. I intend to add an indirect DHW loop off the primary sometime in the future, but for now I'm just focusing on the heating.
  4. davie

    Choosing a mod-con boiler

    I'm looking at boiler options for my new hydronic system, and here's a list of what makes my local supplier deals with: Lochinvar Navien NY Thermal Inc. (NTI) Raypack Thermo 2000 Viessmann Weil-McLain Speaking with them, they were trying to convince me to go for a Navien NHB 110 or 150...
  5. davie

    Zoning for basement heating

    I'm still working on a system design for my very lossy two storey house with unfinished basement. I'm looking at having one zone on each aboveground level, but I'm wondering what I should do about the basement. My heat loss calculations for the basement show 14,500 BTU/h total loss at design...
  6. davie

    Balancing Rads and In-Floor Heating

    Looking at a system with a combination of rads and in-floor heat. Some rooms will have both, and some will have only rads. For the rooms with both heat sources, how can I set it up so the rads only come on when the floor isn't sufficient to provide the necessary heat? Can I use TRVs?
  7. davie

    Hydronic Design in Toronto

    Hi all, I'm doing a reno of my 100-year old, semi-detached, 2-storey, double-brick Edwardian house, and I intend to replace the existing forced air system with an in-floor radiant system. The house is 500sq.ft. per level with an unfinished full size basement. (So 1000sq.ft. of living space...
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