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  1. CheesecakeLover

    Pipes coming out the side of minisplit indoor unit?

    Due to a low and slanted sealing in my sunroom, there is only 1 location that I can mount the indoor unit of a minisplit. It would be in the corner of the room, I would need the pipes & drain to go directly out the side (not the back) of the unit. Are there any that exist like this? Thank you.
  2. CheesecakeLover

    Breaker size for electric cooktop stove

    Hello we had a 30 amp (4 burner) electric stove that broke. It was serviced by a 10 AWG line. We replaced it with a 5 burner stove which requires 40 amps, so I pulled a 8 AWG line and changed the breaker in the panel from 30A to 40A. Now, the wife says the new 5 burner stove is too crowded...
  3. CheesecakeLover

    Minisplit refridgerant piping

    Hello, this is in regards to a minisplit installation. The instructions aren't clarifying things for me. I have read online that there is a minimum line length for the line, but the document does not say anything about minimum length. Does it hurt efficiency to cut off excess tubing and...
  4. CheesecakeLover

    Is this steep slope ok on the main drain line?

    Hello, in my dad's house which is new construction he showed me this section of the 4" main drain pipe. In most places it goes down at a slope of about 1/8" per foot. But then it goes down very steeply at approximately 45 degree angle to get down to the level of the city sewer outside. Is...
  5. CheesecakeLover

    Can water flow through circulator pump when it is not running?

    In a system with a circulator pump for each zone, do we also need zone valves, or will the pumps themselves block water from flowing through them when they are "off"? For example, say there are 2 pumps: Zone A pump. Zone B pump. (And no valves) If Zone A pump is running and Zone B pump is not...
  6. CheesecakeLover

    Anything special about zone valve transformers? Can I use a general purpose transformer?

    Hi all, I currently have a single 24 V transformer powering 2 Taco zone valves. The transformer is marked as "40 VA", which means it has a current rating of 1.66 Amperes. The problem is that I believe my Tacos have the older 0.9 A power heads; not the modern 0.3 A heads. If that's true, that...
  7. CheesecakeLover

    PVC DWV rough-in advice (pictures)

    I'm adding a bathroom in the basement, draining into ejector pit. The ejector pit is in a utility closet adjacent to where the new bathroom will be. Attached I took a picture from 3 angles. Venting: There will be two new 2" vent pipes going directly up through the roof. They are kept...
  8. CheesecakeLover

    Are unions allowed on the discharge pipe of sewage ejector pit?

    Not sure if unions are allowed in PVC DWV work. I’ve seen flexible rubber couplings used, but I think 2 unions would be better (if they’re allowed). This is a vertical sewage discharge pipe.
  9. CheesecakeLover

    Standpipe for utility room (not washing machine)

    I have a utility closet in the basement with a furnace and one of the pipes (I think condensate pipe) always drips. I put a bucket on it and have to empty it every week in the summer; every 3 weeks or so in the winter. I also want to put a dehumidifier in that utility closet and it will have a...
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