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  1. ArayT

    Witch Dr.

    A man and his buddies are playing golf, he ask do yall have the same issue, my wife never wants sex anymore. They all respond you need to go see the Witch Dr., he can fix you up yep the Witch Dr. has what you need. He takes a trip tells the Dr. the problem Dr. replies I have just what you...
  2. ArayT

    Premier PEX Fittings Leaking

    Anybody had issues with Premier fittings. House was built approx 12 years ago and this is the second leak, both are Premier fittings, corroding. These are installed through the two story house. Bathroom floor flooded first time (10-12 months ago) same bathroom ceiling this time. Should I...
  3. ArayT

    Fleck 7000, Iron build up, how to remove?

    I have a fleck 7000 system and I'm in the process of replacing the resin and replacing the O-rings in the valve. The valve and tank has a lot of rust buildup in it, is there a product I can use to clean them up prior to replacing the O-rings and resin? Can I soak them in iron-out? Thanks Ray
  4. ArayT

    Fleck 7000

    Guys, My brine tank is filling up too full. I've checked the setting for this (cycle step 5) and adjusted it down from 20 to 10 and it is still filling my tank about 1/2-2/3 full. I took it apart last week and cleaned everything hoping to find something but all looked ok. The original setting...
  5. ArayT

    Fleck 7000

    Need help w/ part. Lost floating ball that sits on top of injector assembly. Was cleaning unit and lost what I believe is a check ball that sits on top of injector. Its about the size of a bb. I cannot find this part number to reorder. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ray...
  6. ArayT

    Rotten Egg Smell after replacing anode rods in water heaters

    I posted this in the Water Softener Forum earlier, may have been the wrong location. After reading many post can someone tell me what type of test I should have run to determine if I have a bacteria problem. A year or so ago I did bleach my well out and the problem seemed to have gone away. It...
  7. ArayT

    Still Rotten Egg smell after replacing aluminum rods

    Can someone tell me the source of my rotten egg smell. I replaced the aluminum rods in both water heaters & I Still have that smell. I ocassionally get the smell downstairs (which is served by a different water heater) but upstairs its still real bad. I replaced the anode rods and the problem...
  8. ArayT

    Help w/ Cloudy Water after changing softner settings

    I have a fleck 7000 that was not using salt (approx 1 bag ever 4-5 months). After inspecting the pick-up tube in by salt tank I found it was approx 2-3 inches off the bottom and when it filled only 3-5 inches of water would enter the tank so I increased by fill time from 15 to 45. The fill...
  9. ArayT

    Fleck 7000 Problem

    Got it fixed!! Idiot me mistook the PM light for the flow light. Need advise on programming valve. I Try to enter extended program mode (via v^ simu for 5 seconds at 12:01pm) the programming light comes on, I push the extra cycle botton and A-10 displays. The up and down allows me to...
  10. ArayT

    Problems w/ American Standard Retrospect Toilet

    Has anybody had any issues with an American Standard Retrospect Toilet? I purchased one 2+ years ago and just started using it (it was in an upstairs area that was not finished). The problem is it will not flush. The water level is at the max height. I replaced the old flapper and placed the...
  11. ArayT

    Best Float Switch

    Who and what type float switch (mercury / magnetic??) is recommended for a sewage pump tank? Thanks
  12. ArayT

    Gary or Someone Please help, resin in drinking water

    My resin is leaving my softener. What causes this and how can it be fixed? I trippled checked the piping. I was running water from a hose bibb that is located in front of my softener and the water turned orange, it was full of resin. I do not understand how this can happen because the bibb...
  13. ArayT

    Can I check Resin to see if its bad??

    My system is a fleck 7000, 40k thats only 8-10 months old. Is there a way I can make sure my resin is not ruined? A few weeks back I realised my softener was not using any potassium, it had bridged inside my container. Would you recommend using salt vs potassium? No health problems, just...
  14. ArayT

    Controlling Tea Weed (Prickly Sida)

    Does anyone know how to stop tea weed? I'm trying to establish a grazing area of bahia grass. I sprayed it several times last year w/ 2,4-d, this knocked it back. This year I harrowed it then planted bahia seed and after about a week it is covered w/ sprouting tea weed. I'm scared to spray...
  15. ArayT

    Well Water Problems, Please help!

    I've been using this well for about a year. I'm having problems w/ my well water turning my filter black, this just started and my wife is complaining that everything is getting stained an orange color. I installed a softener a fews months back to take care of the problems. Hardness "I think"...
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