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  1. piperca

    Re-plumb house using Viega manablock; questions.

    I am going to tackle a re-plumb of my home using copper as the main line from the garage to the plumbing chase that is located in the center of my home. From there, I intend on using PEX-A from a Viega Manablock to supply two bathrooms and a kitchen. The kitchen is on one side of the plumbing...
  2. piperca

    Bypass softener for drinking water?

    I’m getting ready to do a repipe and will be integrating a water softener. I would like to run a bypass from before the softener to accommodate drinking water. The bypass line would service a refrigerator line and a pot filler. I am intending on running the non softened water line to a...
  3. piperca

    PEX re-pipe question.

    I experienced a recent slab leak. I need to re-pipe and was considering PEX pipe. My house is approximately 1500 square feet. The plumbing chase is in the center of the house, which services two bathrooms (back to back) on one side of the chase and the kitchen on the other. It would require...
  4. piperca

    Eco Drake versus Ultramax?

    I purchased a 1.6l Drake with CEFIONTECT a couple of days ago, but I got a call today that it is out of stock and will not be available for 4-6 weeks, so the salesman gave me a couple of options: 1. Eco Drake with CEFIONTECT for the same price or 2. Ultramax one-piece with CEFIONTECT for...
  5. piperca

    Moving shower drain a few inches.

    This is what I've got. Where the lines on the floor intersect, is where the center of the drain needs to be: Using a 45 degree street elbow and a new P trap, this is what I came up with ... can I "legally" do this? Here's a side view: BTW: A big "thank you" to my wife for...
  6. piperca

    Installing a wall union for hand shower.

    I am installing a Hansgrohe Thermobalance II shower valve to control a shower head and handheld shower. Can someone explain a straight forward way of plumbing the wall union (elbow, as I've also heard it called) for the hand shower? I am confused on how I can justify the angle of the union and...
  7. piperca

    Toto one piece versus two piece.

    I'm looking at the Toto Ultramax w/CEFIONTECT and the Toto Drake w/CEFIONTECT. The Drake is $200+ cheaper, but I've read nothing but good things about it. Other than looks, is there a reason I should choose the Ultramax?
  8. piperca

    Thermostatic mixer/diverter/flow valve.

    I am installing a fixed shower head and a hand shower unit in my new shower. I know I will need a 3 port diverter to switch between the two. If I use a thermostatic or pressure balance mixer, like the Hansgrohe Axor Carlton, do I need a flow valve, also? I really like the look of these...
  9. piperca

    Wall mounted shower heads (spa style).

    I am trying to plan out our new shower and need to ask a couple of questions. I intend on installing a 3 way diverter shower valve (Hansgrohe Thermobalance III) to include a wall shower, hand shower and a couple of those spa heads. 1. Can the shower head and spa heads run at the same time...
  10. piperca

    Wiring light switches.

    I am wiring four switches from one source, which will control four separate locations. Since I am feeding all four switches from the same source, is there anything wrong with wiring the switches from the source in this manner? Obviously, this is just the hot and ground, all neutrals would be...
  11. piperca

    Flushometer residential use.

    We're remodeling our bathroom. Got her down to the studs, removed a wall, vaulted the ceiling and ready to start work. I need to relocate some plumbing under the slab, but, before I do, the wife hit me up with an unusual request. She'd like to see a Flushometer valve toilet in the bathroom...
  12. piperca

    Moving toilet location in concrete slab.

    I need to move a toilet approximately 36". My dilemma is, can I cut into the existing 4" stub out from the sewer to make the transition or do I need to cut into the sewer. If it needs to be the sewer, then I'm out of luck, since it is not accessible. I've attached a rough sketch of what I am...
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