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  1. OldSalt

    Electrical caulk for MC PVC cable connectors

    Project Description: I'm a homeowner installing outdoor light fixtures on my 7' deep balcony, across the front of my home. I'm trying to do this properly to code. However, I have a problem, and intend to resolve it by the "whatever works" method. The fixtures will be mounted on the support...
  2. OldSalt

    Adding porch lights: Exterior MC cable?

    I'm extending a NM porch light cable in my garage wall, out to two posts supporting the overhead, 7' semi-covered deck, which is in front of the garage. On the posts, I intended to put three lamps, one on one side, and two on the other. The installation will be a surface mount. My original...
  3. OldSalt

    Direct Vent Gas Fireplace - Problems

    Not sure if this forum handles these animals. Propane fireplaces seem to fit into a niche between plumbing, HVAC, and fireplace specialty stores. I have a Direct Vent Propane Gas Fireplace, with a problem. See picture below: Unit is a Vermont Castings (formerly Majestic) MLDV500PSC Unit...
  4. OldSalt

    MOEN 1222 Cartridge: Clean out, Repair, & "Proud" (won't insert in valve fully)

    There's plenty of information on pulling and replacing a MOEN 1222 cartridge from a MOEN "Posi-temp" valve. I have four showers using these valves installed during builder rough-in. I also had hard water problems with my tankless water heater due to hard water problems, which I resolved by...
  5. OldSalt

    Feedback/Recommendation: Tankless water heater experience

    I wanted to pass on my experience with installation and use of a Tankless Hot Water Heater: Background: New construction, new Rinnai RUR98IP (similar, RUR98E* and RUR98IN) tankless water heater installed by plumber. He was inexperienced with tankless w.h.. Overall experience: Very good...
  6. OldSalt

    Gas Fireplace: Electronic (IPI) Pilot issues

    Some HVAC companies around this area also specialize in Fireplace installation, so I'm going to "troll" and toss this question out there, hoping that someone out there has some experience with this. I have a Majestic propane fireplace insert with a "signature command center" electronic (a.k.a...
  7. OldSalt

    Check valve type, and installation (direction, Horizontal or Vert)

    I'm having a problem with a check valve on my tankless hot water re-circulation line. It's evidently failing, as I have cold water in my hot water faucets/showers at the end of the run. The valve that is there is a spring-loaded-ball type (versus a swing) and is only a few months old...
  8. OldSalt

    Cold showers! (Rinnai Tankless/Recirc/Condensing RUR98iN)

    (I hope this is the correct forum in which to post this. If this should have been posted to "Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice", please advise.) I've had a long term struggle with a Rinnai Tankless hot water (RUR98iN) heating system I had installed in my new house. I have a problem...
  9. OldSalt

    P-Trap Weir and Vent Line Height

    I'm building a house in Northern Idaho, and without getting into all the details, it's been a rough build. Budget is largely exhausted and I had problems with my original plumber, hence I'm completing trim and finishes on my own. A professional plumber completed rough in, and passed...
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