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  1. eR1c

    Shower Faucet Question

    I'm trying to increase the amount of hot water I get to one of my showers by moving the limiter (I have the kind shown in the picture). However, when I adjust the limiter so that the handle is allowed to turn more counter-clockwise, when turning past a certain point, the water shuts off. If I...
  2. eR1c

    Bathroom Sink Fixture Issue

    Hello all. So this fixture body which I outlined in the picture will turn along with the handle when turning the water on and off. The left side one does not. How is this issue fixed? The nut underneath the sink on that side is nice and snug so that doesn't seem to be the issue. Thanks in advance.
  3. eR1c

    Delta Shower Cartridge Replacement Questions

    Hello there - I was wondering if I could get some assistance with my issue. I replaced my shower cartridge with the type in the image below. It's an exact replacement and it's all brand new. I followed the instructions and installed everything correctly, from what I can tell. My issue is that...
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