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  1. Jrv

    Setting Fan Speed

    Got a new variable speed 2 stage furnace with 2 stage ac installed last week . I’m just wondering how you know how high you can go on fan speeds before it freezes the coil. Would that be in the manual somewhere?
  2. Jrv

    Continuously running the fan

    I had a service tech out at my house yesterday working on my equipment and while talking to him one of the things he mentioned was that I should run my furnace fan maybe a half hour every hour to help evenly distribute the air throughout the house. I live in the north east where it is very humid...
  3. Jrv

    Static Pressure Test

    Having a new furnace/ac installed and just wondering how hard it is to do a static pressure test and if that is something a homeowner can do if the installer doesn't do it. Thanks
  4. Jrv

    NCB240 PVC elbows

    On the exterior intake/exhaust piping does it matter if long sweet or street 90s are used? Does one restrict airflow more than the other? Thanks
  5. Jrv

    Cleaning Navien Vent Pipe

    I’m getting ready to do my yearly maintenance on my Navion 240A And was just wondering if there is a suggested way of cleaning the vent pipe. I know the intake has that little screen but I was wondering what happens if flies or other insects go into the exhaust pipe, do they just get burned up...
  6. Jrv

    Furnace Exhaust Vent

    I had a new high efficiency furnace installed that vents out the side of my house via 3 in pvc. I’m in the snow belt so no screen was put on the termination cap. They said it could cause condensate to collect and freeze restricting air flow. In the summer months I’d like to put a screen cap on...
  7. Jrv

    Navien 240A recirculating line

    New guy here, first post . Had a Navien 240A installed a few months ago and hot water seems to take its time getting to the kitchen faucet. The switch is set to internal and dip 1 is on. A few days ago I called the plumber back and he came out and ran what appeared to be a second line going...
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