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  1. Dan Brown

    Float Valve?

    Apologies for my poor english (i am polish) and my lack of information given. Yes it is for my gravity water tank in the attic and i asked my plumber and he said he has to add a new one in. Apologies for your suspicions Reach, and i think it isnt a part for a toilet? Thanks for the responses...
  2. Dan Brown

    Float Valve?

    I would appreciate any response that i consider helpful haha. Oh and if this is the wrong place to ask the question i will change it to the right tab? Just let me know and i will remove it and place it somewhere else. Thanks!
  3. Dan Brown

    Float Valve?

    Hey all, I regularly get a professional plumber to come out a check my tanks and that lot every few months and I had one recently who said I either need to get or need a new float valve ( I cannot remember which he said). He said if I get one he will do the job for me so I said ok and went...
  4. Dan Brown

    Oh Yeah! Propagation. It is that time of year.

    Hmmm, im think of getting my own little green house, what would you recommend to start off with hygron, you seem like a pro at this! Hope all goes well with the veg's and fruit's :)
  5. Dan Brown

    What's going on with this Delta tub faucet valve?

    Wow really good responses here, i hope the problem is solved soon so Jennifer can have a nice hot shower instead of a warm one.
  6. Dan Brown

    World's Hottest Peppers

    Oh man i love spicy foods! But even saying that i dont think i can face a Carolina Reaper O_O , i hope all gose really well growing these peppers and remember to always taste your product before selling them ;) *wink wink* --> thats a joke by the way, i wouldn't attempt it.
  7. Dan Brown

    Woman Shot in Head

    Really great jokes here! Funniest thing ive ever read! I need more >:D
  8. Dan Brown

    Germany VolksWagen Levitating Car

    Hopefully* in 100 years, i want my grand kids to be having a ball in those things!
  9. Dan Brown

    A new Piper in the family

    Im new to the forum so i hope this doesn't sound weird coming from a "newbie" but what a beautiful little one there, i'd bet she will be grow up to be just as awesome as her grand farther :).
  10. Dan Brown

    Milky, smelly RO water

    Some great advice i see here, im not good at pools at all, but i think i get the "jist" of what to do if i ever have this problem.
  11. Dan Brown

    The Pencil Joke

    The cheese in this joke is enough to cover my 12 slice's of pizza :D
  12. Dan Brown

    Novice Plumber/DIY(er)

    Novice Plumber/DIY(er)
  13. Dan Brown

    NobleSeal CIS Crack Isolation Video - History and Installation Overview

    other than the indian link, the other information for MYSELF is helpful, but i cannot trust that link as HJ says it maybe a "Hack" Link :/
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