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  1. Smooky

    Mysterious pipes in floor of 1953 basement

    The two pipes are from an oil tank for some sort of oil heat. Anthes was a furnace manufacturer.
  2. Smooky


    It might be Sterling brand
  3. Smooky

    Water hammer when water running

    As John Gayewski mentioned in post #2, make sure you don't have any valves only partly open. Go around and make sure all the angle stops under the sinks are fully open, Check the angle stops at toilets etc. Open all water valves fully. Usually something simple like that causing the problem.
  4. Smooky

    Secondary Septic tank or liberty sump pump for extra bath?

    A sump pump is designed to pump just water such as ground water or effluent. Effluent is the liquid that comes out of a septic tank. Depending on your site you could set a septic tank followed by a pump tank and then pump to your existing system or a new drainfield. It's nice when all that...
  5. Smooky

    Hose bib/silcock question?

    BK Mueller 888-186
  6. Smooky

    Can anyone help me with a question about pool water?

    It could be a broken sand filter lateral and filter media is getting into the pool.
  7. Smooky


    Here in NC the tank depth is determined by maximum trench depth for a gravity system. Soil conditions, how deep rock is located or water table depth determines trench depth. In some cases the trench depth is very shallow in wet areas or in some cases in a mound. The plumbing has to be held...
  8. Smooky

    Valve handle blocked by gas co

    How about a tee handle?
  9. Smooky

    Valve handle blocked by gas co

    Take the handle off. Cut the stop off the end of the handle or bend it up. Then put the handle back on. It should work pointing in either direction and will close the valve on either side of the pipe.
  10. Smooky

    Hot water Stops just to bathtub but not shower

    Maybe there is a cross flow at a single handle faucet? Maybe the cartridge in the new valve was not pushed all the way into the valve etc. Did the problem start about the time the new valve was installed? A gasket could be missing etc. What other plumbing repairs have been done recently?
  11. Smooky

    Delta Old Model 1524 Escutcheon..Help!

    Here is a Delta Conversion Kit - 1500 Series to 17 Series 1-800-345-DELTA (3358)
  12. Smooky

    Weird plumbing problem

    Make sure all the valves are fully open. Low flow might be because a valve is partly closed or piping could be undersized etc. Sounds like you got some sort of flow restriction somewhere.
  13. Smooky

    Old 2" Well - Questions

    Here is a better example:
  14. Smooky

    Old 2" Well - Questions

    The first 21 seconds of this animation shows a deep well with a single pipe jet system:
  15. Smooky

    Water heater connection. What is this?

    You are so close on it I can't tell for sure. . . . That looks like part of the isolator valve; it might be one of the flush ports. That type of heater has to be flushed out to prevent minerals from building up and reducing efficiency.
  16. Smooky

    Hose bibs - what needs to be done to protect potable water?

    Here is another with a poppet type vacuum breaker
  17. Smooky

    Hose bibs - what needs to be done to protect potable water?

    Here is an example of a built in backflow preventer
  18. Smooky

    Hose bibs - what needs to be done to protect potable water?

    If they are original to the home from 1959, you probably don't have any type of backflow preventer.
  19. Smooky

    Hose bibs - what needs to be done to protect potable water?

    If they are not already built in you can just screw one on each hose bibb...
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