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  1. The harrymanimus

    30A 120v emergency power transfer switch and panel setup

    Hi, I want *Emergency only* setup for my house to run off a LARGE li-thium ion device. This device provides a 30amp RV plug output (and 15amps outlets). 3600wh/3600watts/7200surge. The device is an Ecoflow Delta Pro (on kickstarter, not shipping yet) I want to run my furnace (gas/fan takes...
  2. The harrymanimus

    Fleck 5600 meter not working, ok to manually regen?

    I noticed that my Fleck 5600 was about 3x as loud as usual, so I checked the water usage dial and over a day it did not move. I found a video or two on troubleshooting the meter, will do that when the weather warms up. My main question is, for now until I can fix it, is it ok to manually...
  3. The harrymanimus

    Water near top of foundation behind dish washer

    Hi, I just noticed some water seepage from a horizontal crack near the top of my foundation. There is a capped white pipe nearby, that I do not know the purpose of. The brick under the capped pipe seems dry. The dish washer was running. I have not noticed any water inside. No other water...
  4. The harrymanimus

    Full size 76" shower door on bathtub

    We had the shower part of our bathtub area remodeled. I'd like to get a nice frameless to nearly frameless door. It needs to be bypass due to location of nearby toilet on same wall as shower fixtures. The guy measuring recommended getting a full size 76" shower door rather than the normal 60"...
  5. The harrymanimus

    Fleck 5600 rebuild from 2 years ago, now having issues

    With the help of this forum, I did a rebuild on a Fleck 5600 in May 2017. That went great. I'd been getting 1000 gallons between regens until recently. I detect the water is getting hard by boiling water in a kettle several times a week and when there is white stuff floating at the top...
  6. The harrymanimus

    Shower Trim Kit - Brushed nickel with Brass, Cast Metal, Plastic

    I purchased some stainless steel Delta Lahara faucets for a remodel. Then I started looking to purchase a Shower Trim Kit. On the Lahara trim kit, the bath spout is plastic, and some parts on the handle and shower head are also. So I went looking for an alternative trim kit. I contacted...
  7. The harrymanimus

    Moving a toilet to a shower drain?

    For my bathroom I want to get rid of a walk in shower and move the toilet to where the shower drain is. I've read varying things about this in the interweb, having to do with drain sizes, and the grey water vs black water drain issues. Looking for advice. Attached is what the shower drain...
  8. The harrymanimus

    Replacing outdoor spigot, setup not like Youtube vids

    I've never done this so my go to is Youtube usually. But the ones I find aren't helpful. I have nothing to grip to to prevent the pipe going into the wall from turning. The grip-able hex part of the pipe is in the wall. When I turn the spigot with a wrench, the pipe in the wall turns. Maybe...
  9. The harrymanimus

    Troubleshooting a Fleck 5600

    I'm limping along with a Fleck 5600, perhaps with multiple issues. Had it serviced a couple years ago, had some new resin put in. I'd had it set for 1000 gallons before regen ever since then. Recently noticed that water was hard before the 1000 gallons were up. Inspected tank and I'd bought...
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