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  1. idoc4u

    R/O check valve making noise

    In November of 2019 I installed a Watts Pure Water R/O system with permeate pump under a kitchen sink. The faucet was getting very noisy with hissing from the weep hole/overflow so I converted to a bipass with check valve in July of 2020. The check valve has become progressively noisier with a...
  2. idoc4u

    Metal Clad grounding question

    Could you please help me understand a wiring issue I'm having? I have #12 hot and neutral running from a new GE 20amp breaker to a metal junction box. From the jb I have 12/2 armor clad running behind drywall (old work) to a metal box with a 15amp outlet. If I connect the copper (green)...
  3. idoc4u

    R/O manifold quick connect question

    If one of the push connect ports on a reverse osmosis manifold is left open will it leak without a plug? Thanks!
  4. idoc4u

    Reverse Osmosis - Permeate Pump Question

    I have a GE Profile Model PXRQ15RBL reverse osmosis system. I would like to add a permeate pump. There are 4 connection points on the manifold: 1. Outlet (Blue) which goes from manifold to fridge, 2. Tank (Red) which goes to the water tank, 3. Drain (Black) which goes to drain, 4. Inlet...
  5. idoc4u

    Should this GFCI run work?

    Please see attached well crafted artistic rendering. I ran #12 wire from a 20A breaker to a junction box. From the junction box I created a pigtail and ran to the first GFCI outlet (Line) terminal. Also from the pigtail in the junction box I ran to a second GFCI outlet (Line). Then from...
  6. idoc4u

    Electric Fireplace Question

    I have posed this question to local electricians and vendors. The answers are almost consistently inconsistent. Any opinions would be appreciated. I am interested in installing an electric fireplace in a new construction basement recreation room area. Should I place the 1500W fireplace on...
  7. idoc4u

    Calculation for heat supply to a given area

    Is there a tabel, nomogram, or some directive regarding standards for supplying heat to a given square foot area or cubic foot area of a room in a home? I am wanting to supply adequate heat to a look-out basement in a home that is new construction, well insulated with a usable area of about...
  8. idoc4u

    Return Air

    I apologize in advance as this is somewhat of a continuation of a previous post. I didn't know how to post a new picture in a reply. A few of you have replied to the previous post and I appreciate the help. My home is new construction; 2 story with a basement. I have a 2 ton HVAC unit...
  9. idoc4u

    basement heating/cooling question

    I am in the process of finishing my basement. The area that I wish to heat is 500 sq ft. I have a two part question; if I wish to heat with an electric fireplace or electric baseboard heat, do you guys think that an electric fireplace that is supposed to cover a 400 ft sq area would be...
  10. idoc4u

    2 electrical questions

    Hi, I have 2 separate questions to ask, if you guys have some input, I'd appreciate the thoughts. 1. If on a 15A breaker I have 3 - 100W lights + 12 - 65W lights + 1 water softener tranformer on the same circuit, this equals 1080W being used if they are all on at the same time not...
  11. idoc4u

    Start up question

    Please see photo for explanation clarity. I would like to start up my irrigation system, but cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have the valve open in the basement leading to the "bell" you see in the photo. I have the valves that look like straight screw driver screw heads closed, the...
  12. idoc4u

    Hardiebacker vs Greenboard

    I have roughed in a shower so that I will put wall board behind the acrylic shower walls as opposed to attaching the shower walls directly to the studs. I believe this will add stability. Would it make more sense to use cement board vs greenboard behing the shower walls since I will need to...
  13. idoc4u

    New drain post/question

    I apologize in advance for repeating this question. I wasn't sure how to upload a pic via a reply to the original posting. That said, PLEASE SEE IMAGE BELOW for clarification of my question and thanks for understanding. In a concrete floor, I have roughed in a 2" riser for a shower drain...
  14. idoc4u

    shower drain question

    In a concrete floor, I have roughed in a 2" riser for a shower drain. However, I believe I may have made the following mistake. When I roughed in the trap and riser, I did NOT leave a space around the 2" riser. In other words, the concrete I poured is up to and around the riser. The 2" PVC...
  15. idoc4u

    shower drain question

    I am installing a Kohler, acrylic, 3 piece shower stall. I have installed a 2" riser coming out of the slab floor. Would it be best to glue a PVC drain flange to the riser and then attach a brass drain assembly that has the fiber-type gasket attached to the tail piece and screw it into...
  16. idoc4u

    Self Leveling compound question

    Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to use a primer before applying a self leveling mortar mix to a basement slab floor? Thank you!
  17. idoc4u

    Grounding question

    I am running a new 20A circuit to an unfinished basement bathroom. I am also running my #12 hot, neutral and ground through 1/2" EMT conduit. The conduit, I realize is a functioning ground. However, here is the question. When the wires enter the metal boxes for switches and outlets, it would...
  18. idoc4u

    Bathroom heat question

    I am finishing a 10x10 basement bathroom and have extended from the furnace trunk a 6" branch duct supplying heat to the bathroom. However, I have considered supplemental electric radiant heat in the floor or a Cadet 1000 Watt in-wall electric heater operated via a thermostat. My concern...
  19. idoc4u

    Will this circuit work?

    I am will be adding a 20A breaker to my breaker box and intend to run 12-2 WG wire through EMT conduit to an unfinished basement bathroom. Could you guys take a look at my wiring diagram and let me know if you feel this will work. The green pencil lines for the ground may be hard to see...
  20. idoc4u

    20A vs 15A GFCI for Bathroom?

    Do most recommend a 20A GFCI outlet in a bathroom as a result of the potential wattage used by hair dryers and other small electrical appliances that use a great deal of watts? Thank you.
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