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  1. mr.t

    Drain Layout Approval - Full Bathroom + Bar Sink

    On to the next bathroom that needs to be completed. This should be pretty straightforward. Is this layout acceptable (see attached pic)? A few questions: 1) Is the single 2" vertical stack vent appropriate for the water closet and the shower? 2) Is the best choice a 3" double wye (with...
  2. mr.t

    Rough in shower valve (unique placement issue)

    On to the next item of the remodel saga. I'm completing the layout for the master bedroom/closet/bathroom. As you'll see from the rough print I created, If I center the shower valve, it would result in it being at the dead center of the intersecting wall between the bathroom and walk-in...
  3. mr.t

    Water Heater Stagnant / Flush?

    As I get closer to pressurizing the entire system for the first time, the next item to address is the water heater. Quick story is that it was filled with water that sat for about a year (late 2019 to late 2020). About 16 months ago I emptied the tank fully and while the water that came out...
  4. mr.t

    Expansion Tank Installation Questions / Opnions

    I'm installing a brand new expansion tank on my fully re-piped system. My current plan is to install the tank right after the incoming city water service. Although I started to rethink this for a few reasons. As you'll see in the pictures, everything else is basically completed (PRV, Water...
  5. mr.t

    Acrylic Alcove Tub Install Framing Issues

    As I continue to work through fixing issues from the previous contractor, I have a few I'm facing with the bathtub installed (Mirabelle Sitka acrylic). Most of these affect insuring proper prep for tiling vs actual plumbing issues, but this group is always quite knowledgeable. 1) The back edge...
  6. mr.t

    Revised Laundry Drain

    I’m in Michigan and my city adheres to the 2015 IPC code. Next item on the list of things to repair are some large notches/holes run through an exterior load bearing wall from an original copper drain that was in place. (see pic). This is a laundry room and I am putting all new drains for a...
  7. mr.t

    Three Sinks Back to Back proper DWV

    This site and its contributors continue to be some of the best resources on the web! Thank you to all. I think this is a simple one. I have a double lav in a master bathroom that shares a wall (back-to-back) with a guest bathroom. I want to have all three sinks share the same 2" drain. I...
  8. mr.t

    Pipe Foam for PEX A inside walls?

    What is the opinion of the pros when it comes to using pipe foam or rubber on PEX water lines for the entire system (3/4" and 1/2")? I am in the middle of a whole house re-pipe w/ Uponor PEX A. As it stands, the PEX will need to be protected from UV since it will be a while before I get...
  9. mr.t

    City Water and Well Water Renovation Idea

    Quick one. I am in the middle of a complete down-to-the-studs renovation of a home I bought. I am completing a 95% re-pipe of the plumbing with Uponor PEX. I am fortunate to have both nice clean well water and city water. I am not hooked to the city sewer, I have a traditional septic tank...
  10. mr.t

    Swapping Bathroom and Laundry Room: Part #1

    First, I want to say that this is a fantastic forum. The time that the pros take to answer everyone's questions (and likely answer the same questions over and over :) ) is certainly appreciated by many. Background: I'm in the middle of a complete, down-to-the-studs remodel on a house. I had...
  11. mr.t

    Double Lav drain question

    My first post in this excellent forum! Lots of very helpful people in here. I've read some of the other single to double lav conversion threads and I have a question. I'm working on a friends condo and unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of the rough plumbing to post, so attached is...
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