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  1. rdtompki

    Loose Sweat Fittings

    hj, thanks I should have gone to HD where I've had no such problem, but the Lowes is several miles closer. Understand completely the capillary action issue. Chinese manufactured items are inevitable, but for something as critical as plumbing components I'd expect more oversight. I'd be...
  2. rdtompki

    Loose Sweat Fittings

    I'm plumbing a bypass into a new auxiliary hot water heater installation and bought some 3/4" quarter turn sweat ball valves at the local big box store. I've done my share of copper plumbing and haven't encountered sweat fittings as loose as these BV - the pipe actually wobbles a bit in the...
  3. rdtompki

    help with impact sprinkler performance

    You also might consider changing to Hunter rotors or similar. These types of sprinklers are much more uniform than impact sprinklers in my experience. I've had -25 and -41 models installed for almost 15 years without any problems. Rick
  4. rdtompki

    Schedule 40 PVC vs. Schedule 40 Foam Core

    I'm a bit confused about the part of the original question that talks about the PVC being inside the "walls" or is the original question only referring to drain and waste in the walls vs. potable water? Rick
  5. rdtompki

    Outlet Depth

    Are these plastic boxes? If so you could trim off 1/4" and I would think you would still have enough depth in the threaded boss to capture the outlet screws. Might have to cut something off these screws. Now this might not be technically legal since I'm sure there is no provision in the...
  6. rdtompki

    Best Drill Bit for Electrical Wiring

    Some brands of self-feeding augers sold by electrical supply houses have nail-cutting capability. I'm not an electrician, but I've done a lot of rework. When you're drilling through a plate you can't always tell whether there is a nail in the way. Rick
  7. rdtompki

    repairing rusted gas line

    I've uncovered a length of gas line the serves my pool heater. It's of the variety that is "protected" by a yellow cover. The cover is damaged in places and the pipe underneath is rusted. In addition the coating on the riser at my propane tank is split and the pipe underneath rusted. I...
  8. rdtompki

    Tempory fix for outdoor panel

    I've got an aging Crouse-hines (sp?) that I need to replace soon. This is on an outdoor pole and services a barn. The colder temperature are causing some intermittent breaker contact (bus bar corrosion and the like) and I'm wondering if the use of a bit of silicone dielectric grease to improve...
  9. rdtompki

    Where in the NEC does it say "This is really dumb"?

    If this sump was part of a completely engineered commercial installation with back-up power, multiple pumps and a calculation involving a 25+ year event (rainfall) then I could see putting the outlet in what otherwise might appear to be an "at risk" location. While I'm sure the french drain may...
  10. rdtompki

    Where in the NEC does it say "This is really dumb"?

    Chris, Thanks for the link. I'll provide it to my friend. Rick
  11. rdtompki

    Where in the NEC does it say "This is really dumb"?

    Just kidding about the underwater. The way my friend described the outlet it was in an outdoor box with a weatherproof cover. I guess the answer to my original question concerns the listing of the cover. An outlet installed in a sump is likely to get submerged. This is not a listed...
  12. rdtompki

    Where in the NEC does it say "This is really dumb"?

    Spoke with a friend at work today and he talked about his yard and garage getting flooded over the weekend: not surprising considering all the rain except for his having paid big bucks to have an elaborate french drain and sump installed. The sump is deep, at least 6 feet, and it seems the...
  13. rdtompki

    Need a powerful tankless/Washington DC

    Depending upon your winter inlet water temperature a Noritz 69M might be sufficient. Rather than go with a very large, almost-commercial unit consider something like the 69M which can be run in parallel. A cable enables the two units to communicate. I'm very satisfied with my 69M, but I...
  14. rdtompki

    Adding outlets to an existing wall

    Also, go to an electrical supply store and buy the grey plastic single-gang boxes with screws (can't remember the manufacturer). These can be used both for remodel and new work. They are 10x better than regular remodel boxes. Rick
  15. rdtompki

    Size of service entrance cable?

    I haven't installed the panel yet. I'm thinking that the cost of a 200 amp panel and 15' of appropriate-gauge service cable is small provided the cable that PG&E brings to my pole is adequate gauge. Might as well go with the 200 amp. I'll verify the required gauge with my inspector. Rick
  16. rdtompki

    FYI Saving energy using small lights?

    LEDs Flat panel televisions have been using CFL's. These are migrating to LEDs. Notebook computers use CFL's. These are migrating to LEDs. Even the short-lived arc lamps in projection television are being replaced by LEDs. LED companies have been acquired by large lighting companies...
  17. rdtompki

    Size of service entrance cable?

    Thanks, guys. I'm going to check the rating on my panel. It's got a 100 amp main installed, but if the panel is rated for 200 amp I may install service cable appropriate to that amperage (I understand the allowable 1 gauge de-rating) in case I ever want to upgrade the service. Would be a...
  18. rdtompki

    FYI Saving energy using small lights?

    I know there is a big push to CFLs which clearly are more efficient than incandescent light bulbs, but many of us have recessed lighting on dimmers which we are loath to replace with CFLs. Dimming is not all that efficient, but better than nothing as they say. Won't be too long before we...
  19. rdtompki

    Size of service entrance cable?

    PG&E refers to this wiring as the "service entrance wiring" which extends from the connection with their overhead wiring to the meter. Looks like the gauge is a local jurisdiction or NEC issue. I'll look at the NEC tonight and call the inspector tomorrow to verify. Seems a bit strange that...
  20. rdtompki

    Size of service entrance cable?

    Is there a standard gauge for residential (overhead) service entrance cable? Seems like the gauge would have to be the same as the utilities overhead wire. I'm going to call my utility tomorrow to verify. I don't know that it matters, but my breaker panel which is integral with the meter is...
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