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  1. Michael Crivello

    Toilet Overflow, leaks from under the bowl

    I've had my toilet overflow and I'm not sure but in one of the pics it looks like something is broken. Can somebody see if something is broken and needs to be replaced.
  2. Michael Crivello

    Replacement of Tub

    I have a tub that needs to be replaced and 1st of I need to know if this is an Alcove tub or a drop in tub? 2ndly what kind of tools do I need? Also what's the best reference online to follow for this? Below are links to pictures of my tub. The server here keeps saying the pictures are too...
  3. Michael Crivello

    Tube below Kitchen Sink Came Loose

    I have a faucet that when I pull up on the handle turns the water on. Unfortunately the other day I pulled up too hard and it made a narrow tube below the sink come loose. So now when pull up to turn the water on instead of the tube feeding water up into the faucet it just spills on the floor...
  4. Michael Crivello

    Replacement of Toilet / Leaks

    I had recently replaced my toilet not really know what I was doing and when press the handle down the water slowly starts to go down but then starts leaking on the bottom of the toilet. To fix this issue I bought a wax ring with bolts set and put down the wax ring under the toilet where I...
  5. Michael Crivello

    Toilet That's Difficult to Remove

    I've got a broken toilet that I'm looking to replace. The screws are really rusted and I can't get them out. Should I just snap them off? What else is involved in replacing a toilet? ---- Also, the only thing that works plumbing wise is my tub...and actually it doesn't really work that well...
  6. Michael Crivello

    Plumbing Issue Under Old Mobile Home

    I live in a mobile home that is at least 10 years old ...if not older...with plumbing issues. I've had issues pretty much from the time I moved in around 8 years ago. The toilet never had enough water pressure to flush or wasn't really going down. Both the kitchen an bathroom sinks have...
  7. Michael Crivello

    Issue with Bathroom Sink Water Not Going down.

    Hi: I have a bathroom sink that's fully of dirty water that hasn't gone down for days and I've tried heavy-duty liquid to get it unclogged such as Liquid Fire and Liquid-Plumbr (Industrial Strenth Urgent Clear) with no results except to have the air full of toxic fumes. I live in a mobile home...
  8. Michael Crivello

    Plumbing Issue with Bathroom Tub

    I have some major plumbing issues. Everything from the toilet, to the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink, to the tub doesn't work. At this point I would be content with at least me bathroom tub plumbing working. I have tried Instant Power that supposedly dissolves "disuelve" Hair & Grease...
  9. Michael Crivello

    Loose Pipe Connection under kitchen sink

    For a professional plumber this would probably be an easy one. I have a loose connection under my kitchen sink. I've tried to tighten the connection put didn't get any where. How do I fix? Please see picture. (The yellow arrow shows where the leak is at.)
  10. Michael Crivello

    Plumbing Issues with Sinks (in bathroom and kitchen)

    I have been having a major plumbing issue for days. As far as I know it’s exclusive to my place and not existing with anybody else in the mobile home park I live in. Both the sink in the kitchen and the sink in the bathroom are clogged up with water. I have used 10 “Mr. Plumber” liquid bottles...
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