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  1. esm

    Pfister LF-034-4ALS Kitchen faucet leaks

    Hi, I just took my kitchen faucet (Price Pfister LF-034-4ALS) apart because it couldn't be rotated left/right. I cleaned out all the calcium gunk and reassembled it. Now it moves freely but also leaks all over the place. I'm guessing the o-rings need to be replaced, right? Anything else needs...
  2. esm

    Need help to install new shower floor

    Hi there.. My wife has "volunteered" me to cover our old shower floor. It's 35 year old cultured marble, totally flat, no slope to the drain and the entire floor tilts slightly to one corner where the water always ends up and the floor looks really crappy. I'm trying to find a not so complicated...
  3. esm

    Water heater stopped working

    Hi, I have a Kenmore Gas Water Heater (153.331690) that blinks on #4. The manual says that the thermostat needs to be replaced. Is this thing available, can I replace it my self?
  4. esm

    Well pump does not work

    Guys, my well pump just stopped working. I checked the panel were the power line from the house is terminated in the well house. When I disconnect the wires to the pressure switch I can measure 120V on the house side. As soon as I connect the pressure switch line, the voltage goes down to zero...
  5. esm

    Overload switch keeps tripping

    Hi, lately I seem to have a problem that causes the well pump overload switch to trip. On pressing it I hear a buzzing noise for a split second, then the pump runs again. I opened that Franklin 2 hp box and there is a black relay. Could it be that the contacts are arcing? Thanks, Ed
  6. esm

    Storage tank float switch

    Hi, Can someone recommend a water tank float switch?
  7. esm

    Installing storage tank

    Hi, I'd like to install a medium-sized storage tank next to my well house and connect it to the home water system and I was wondering if someone could point me to a bunch of articles/advice so I could educate myself on the issue? Thanks, Ed
  8. esm

    Pressure too high?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I have a question. I just noticed that the pressure gauge on my well pump shows about 110 psi, which is way to high. However, the system seems to work fine, it shuts on and off the way it's supposed to be, I guess. The pressure control is a Square D...
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