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  1. Zane Bridgers

    Pressure Relief Valve Plumbing in 2015 UPC

    Hi everyone - I was wondering what the 2015 UPC mandates for plumbing from a tank water heater’s pressure relief valve? I believe this is addressed in the 2015 UPC Chapter 6 Section 608.5 Discharge Piping As I understand, a pan is no longer approved: “Discharge from a relief valve into a...
  2. Zane Bridgers

    Rough In Critique

    Called the inspection, but in the meantime was wondering if anyone sees any red flags. PEX is holding at 80 PSI, after finding some leaking threaded fittings with soap and water.
  3. Zane Bridgers

    Cleanout Confusion

    Hi Everyone - Please excuse this amateur hour moment... I'm a bit confused about code, vs best practices, vs bare necessities as it concerns cleanouts. I've read the UPC section and get the basic requirements. What I'm confused on is: 1. Can cleanouts be inside an interior wall - i.e. behind...
  4. Zane Bridgers

    Code Questions: Branch Supply, Multiple Shower Heads...

    Hi Everyone - Working on our plumbing top out and had a few questions come up. First, we ran 1/2 AquaPEX in the slab to the kitchen and lav without planning for the added needs of the hose bibs in those areas. Retrospectively I would have run 3/4, but since it's in, will tapping the 1/2 cold...
  5. Zane Bridgers

    Cycle Stop Valves - CSV125 vs CSV1A For Residential

    Hello Everyone - This is likely a question for valveman but others may be able to chime in as well. From a design perspective, what are the main differences between the CSV125 and CSV1A? It appears the 1 A is metal construction, adjustable PSI, much bigger gpm tolerances and is installed...
  6. Zane Bridgers

    Water Supply Line Crossing Under Sewer Line

    Hey folks, Had a question come up about the main water supply line crossing below the main sewer line. The situation is as follows: Sewer line to septic is 3" PVC @ 18" depth coming through the foundation. Water supply line is 1 1/4 250 PSI Poly @ 5' depth and crosses under the sewer at ~45*...
  7. Zane Bridgers

    Help Selecting a Submersible Pump for 360' Well

    I've been binge researching submersible pumps here. A shout out to valveman and the community for the incredible depth of information. What I gather is: - No one makes good pumps anymore (a crying shame) - Install a CSV to extend the life of the low quality pumps - Grundfos is still arguably...
  8. Zane Bridgers

    DWV Plumbing Diagram Critique for Small House

    Hello Terry and co. and many thanks for the wealth of information you have provided to the public! This has been an excellent resource thus far - not sure where I'd be without it! My girlfriend and I are building a 720 sq ft. house in Northern New Mexico, Climate Zone 5a, UPC 2012. It will be...
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