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  1. handyGary

    What makes an LP gas grill "convertable" to natural gas?

    Why can't I take any, non specific LP gas grill and convert it to burn natural gas with only an orifice change? Thank you for any ideas, advice. Gary
  2. handyGary

    New Breed of Foul

    The Three Legged Chicken A guy is driving on a back country road one day, when out of the corner of his eye next to his moving car, he sees a chicken. Not only that, but the chicken is keeping up with the car. It's then that the guy notices that the chicken has 3 legs! The guy speeds up to...
  3. handyGary

    Gas dryer exhaust obstuction

    I can not seem to find the appropriate place to post this so feel free to move it as necessary. I just wanted to share this anecdote. I'm in a townhome with attached garage and the dryer in garage. The exhaust goes into the wall, out the ceiling, into the garage rafters/trusses area and then...
  4. handyGary

    A second one, Norm Macdonald

    By the late Norm Macdonald: A moth goes into a podiatrist's office. "What's wrong?" asks the podiatrist. The moth replies: Doc, I hate my career. My marriage is failing. My family is exhausting. My relationships with my children are terrible. Sometimes it's all too much to bear. I don't...
  5. handyGary

    My first Joke of the day

    Flying is the best form of transportation; a little birdie told me so!
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