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  1. Grunt

    Softener upper basket

    Ive just been informed that the upper basket on control valves is not used when the valve is used on a vortech tank. Am setting up a 12x52 vortech with a 2510 sxt. The valve didn't come with an upper basket and when asked about it was informed no upper basket is used when utilizing a voetech...
  2. Grunt

    Moving pump

    Had a starite 1hp pump for 30 + years which sat ontop of a large bladder tank & was reasonably quiet. Have a j10s now on top of new bladder tank & it is noisey compared to the starite. Want to move the pump to the slab figure it will be less noisey than sitting atop a 20 gal bladder tank but...
  3. Grunt


    I was reading an add for a carbon filter and it says "Fully assembled backwashing filters with activated carbon and MicroZ™" What is microz ? V / R Grunt
  4. Grunt

    CSV pump GPM

    Am using a csv on my shallow well jet pump. Prior to using csv I had a large bladder tank & was able to check how many gpm my pump was producing by timing pump on & off etc. Now with the csv & very small bladder tank do I just collect water from outside hose bibb (that does not run thru filter...
  5. Grunt

    Vortech mineral tank

    Have a down-flow carbon mineral tank and its time to re-bed. Thinking about getting a vortech tank. I understand that during backwash there is an increase in backwashing flow. My interest in switching to a vortech tank would primarily be for an increase in service flow rate but can find nothing...
  6. Grunt

    Mineral tank

    Looking for a 10 x 48 mineral tank. Any one know where to get one ? Have searched but can only find 10 x 54. V / R Grunt
  7. Grunt


    Looking for recomendations for an acurate photometer to use primairly for chlorine. As a member in high standings within the C O B union 169 (Cheap Old Bastards Union) I prefer to stay less than $160.00. V / R...
  8. Grunt

    Chlorine for well

    I fill my chlorine tank for my chlorinator de-chlorinator system appx every 2 months. For the last 25 years or so I have used 1 Gal clorox regular 6% with 14 Gals of distilled water. I picked up 2 Gals of clorox reg yesterday & filled my tank with 14 gallons distilled water & 1 Gal of clorox. I...
  9. Grunt

    Check Valve

    Found a check valve on my system when replacing pump/pressure tank etc. Ran new schedule 40 to it from pump & new 1.5 sch 40 adapter to screw into it. That was appx 2 monthes ago, today found adapter had cracked where threads end at junction of female / slip end of adapter. Suspect I possibly...
  10. Grunt

    Golden Years

    Golden Years my ass.
  11. Grunt

    Stainless steel pipe nipples

    True story; I went to the plumbing section of a big box store today, wasn't thinking, it was noisy, so in a somewhat loud voice I asked the gentleman working the isle if he has STAINLESS STEEL NIPPLES. A shocked expression on his face but was laughing & so was several others around us. I was...
  12. Grunt

    Fleck 40922

    Was lookig at the fleck 40922 bottom distributor, it says that using this you do not need gravel bed ? I have a down flow carbon filter & am wondering if this works better than the standard bottom distributor that came with the fleck valve & if so should I continue to use a gravel bed also. V /...
  13. Grunt

    Gravel type & size

    I have a 9x48 mineral tank with a fleck 5600 & am going to rebed the carbon & gravel it's been 4 + years since last rebed & starting to get breakthrough of chlorine. I have just read that my gravel size should be based on my max gpm use ? My max usage flow is around 12 gpm but thats on a rare...
  14. Grunt

    Pressure Tank

    Sta-rite Con-air model 82te pressure tank. Can't find any info about tank, tank charge looses appx 7 psi over 5 day period. Keep recharging to 28 psi as required. Had found schrader valve leaking & replaced it & does not leak from that any more but still loosing air somewhere. Shallow well, pump...
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