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  1. s10010001

    Check valve before or after

    Is the check valve best before or after my jet pump and CSV? or in between? Mine is currently (and has been for some time) in the input side, before my jet pump. Between my jet pump and storage tank. just noticed some other diagrams reading around looking for info and thinking maybe I have it...
  2. s10010001

    JS10 good for 24 hours

    I think I know the answer to this, but the Goulds JS10 + CSV is good to just leave on and running over night right? Mainly to keep a good flow to prevent freezing. running form a water hose back into the storage tank. I have been testing it today just to see how hot the pump gets, its 26*...
  3. s10010001

    Question about replacing Resin

    I have a what I think its a nicer water softener. I don't know the age but everything works correctly. However it doesn't seem to be softening as well as it used to at all, its soft right after it regens, but it only lasts like 100gallons. I was talking to some folks and since I don't know the...
  4. s10010001

    Interesting CSV and Pressure tank question

    hey y'all, I have been doing some home prepping for power outage scenarios. I have a 7500k propane generator that will run my Jet pump without issues and feed from my water storage tanks in an outage. My issues with with the CSV and small pressure tank I would need the generator running...
  5. s10010001

    CSV off well pump

    Can I run a CSV directly off the underground well pump? my well pump is 465’ down and 1.5hp My concern is currently my CSV is running off of my jet pump and if I recall correctly there needed to be metal pipe between the pump in the CSV because of high pressure there, and I am 90% sure I have...
  6. s10010001

    Filtering well to storage tank

    Is it worth filtering between the well and the storage tank(a)? Right now I have a screen filter on there just to catch any little gravel or anything, I think it’s 50 micron. Is it worth putting an actual sediment filter between there? I already have a spare 4.5x10 housing and filters, otherwise...
  7. s10010001

    Disable Jet pump when tank is low?

    I'm looking for ideas on how to setup something to disable my jet/booster pump if the water level in my tank is nearing the bottom. Something simple, mechanical. I'm not interested in any fancy control boxes or anything. If it's not simple Id rather bother. Thanks!
  8. s10010001

    Big pressure tank, won’t drain

    So I think I know the answer to this but I’m gonna ask anyways. my uncles pump seems to come on faster than it should. It’s a j10s on a 40/60 switch filling a larger pressure tank (80gal if I had to guess). It’s relatively new. Maybe 2 years old? Anyways, when I turn off his pump and let out...
  9. s10010001

    Air in lines, always

    First off my setup. Well water pump, feeds 1100 gallon storage tanks, feed j10s, to CSV to house. House has a softener, filter and UV. My hot water is always sputtering air when I first turn it on. It’s mostly stops after a min but kinda sputters air randomly throughout the shower. any...
  10. s10010001

    Pressure Switch Question

    Can you just adjust a pressure switch to be whatever you want, or is there a max level of adjustment based on its spec? I have a 30/50 I would like to bump up to 40/60 in my uncles setup. I will adjust the tank pressure to match. or should I start with a 40/60 switch? Ill put in a CSV once...
  11. s10010001

    Loud HVAC Return Duct

    So, I'm starting to research something that's been bothering us since we moved into this house about 2 years ago. The HVAC return is in our main room, high ceilings, large room, tile floor. I know that's not the best for acoustics but it is what it is. The AC is loud, it's a newer unit. Runs...
  12. s10010001

    Smelly Hot Water bad... I can't figure it out.

    Hey all, I have been troubleshooting a rotten egg smell in my hot water for a while now. The smell kinda comes in bursts. It seems like we can shower for ~5mins or so and it's just fine, feels, and smells clean. Then the puffs of rotten egg smell start coming. If someone takes a shower right...
  13. s10010001

    Septic effluent pump question

    Sorry did I miss the septic section? I dont see one. This section looked close based on my problem. Problem: Septic sprinklers don't push as hard as I think they should. Comparing to my neighbors. Details: My Pump tank has a submergible mid intake stainless pump that drives 3 sprinklers in my...
  14. s10010001

    Well pump questions for my CSV setup

    Hello, a while back I setup a CST and nice jet pump for my well setup. Thanks to folks on here, we love it, amazing setup, great pressure. However now that we have had it for a while I have some questions: Setup: Well Pump > 2500 Gallon Tank > Goulds JS01 Pump > CST > House 1. For RO water...
  15. s10010001

    Why would my house be plumbed in PEX-AL-PEX?

    Whats the deal with PEX-AL-PEX? I have a leak to repair in my kitchen, luckily I was able to remove the outside wall panels and get top it. No real damage since it was just leaking onto out outside desk. Just a drip every 5 mins or so. It looked like PEX with copper bits going to the valve...
  16. s10010001

    Septic sprinklers making rings of green

    Hello, the septic sprinklers at my new house are making rings of green... any idea why? my theory is someone added a head or two and there’s not enough pressure for the gear heads to spray right. Two of the heads look like they were added afterwards by a homeowner... maybe? I was gonna try...
  17. s10010001

    Issues with water heater, please help

    Hey everyone, we're 2 months into our new home and getting things fixed up! Its our first home on well water and it needed some work. I installed out new CSV setup and its working freaking great. Making 55psi consistently. I also installed a new whole house filter system with a pair of 4.5"...
  18. s10010001

    Help with CSV setup

    Hello, Im doing a ton of learning on well wanter since our new house has it. We move in on Friday! The current setup is as follows, in order: -500' well, pump down there -2500 gal tank above ground, with float switch for well pump -Grundfos SCALA2 booster pump (leaking a little) -30/50...
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