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  1. JRC3

    7000 SXT Low Brine Fill / Slow Brine Draw

    I debated posting in this thread because it's a year old, but basically the same problem and I worked through the same steps. I also used two Pentair Youtube teardown vids. Details: 1 cuft /32K BLFC: .250...
  2. JRC3

    Rusted and Leaking Top Well Casing

    Hey, guys... I noticed this thing looked a little sketchy a year or so ago and I decided to put the hose on it and sure enough it's leaking. I dug it last weekend and have confirmed the problem. I have a few questions. 1. They did not have the 2 wire 230v pump grounded, could that cause...
  3. JRC3

    My New Hot Water Heater in Today

    Got my water heater in. Man, those push-connects, pex, and hoses are sooo easy. I put in an instant hot water dispenser too. This was at a recent bath remodel. Me thinks the ex-husband did it.
  4. JRC3

    CSV Minimal Pressure Range and other ?s

    I didn't want to derail the other thread and I have some questions I can't find. Please bear with my long-winded rambling... This leads to a question I've been bouncing in my head and wanting to ask for a while. What is the smallest psi window/range a CSV will work? For example. 40/55...
  5. JRC3

    Old Meter Box Junction

    Sort of a long read, so bear with me... Last year I bought a forclosure to live in. It was built in 61 and had a detached garage built in the mid 80s. The electric comes in from behind the property and when they built the garage they ran new service line to the garage and installed a new...
  6. JRC3

    CraigsList Humor / Not a Real Joke but Still Funny "$250 Amtrol WX-203 WELL-X-TROL Well Tank (Stand) for sale with tank tee package. This tank has not been used in 5 years but it appears to be in great condition. Not tested. Sells new for $400." Seems like a deal...Right? Probably...
  7. JRC3

    Old Iron Filter and Softener Identification / Other ?s

    Hey guys, I'm new but I've been lurking for a long time now. This forum pops up constantly in my Google searches and I've seen tons of great info here. Anyways, thanks for that. So I bought a foreclosed home last year that I am finally currently living in. The home is a typical foreclosure...
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