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  1. dauber man

    CPVC Metal Ball Valve & Expansion Tank

    I’m planning on installing a metal shut off valve right after the water meter (see photo). A few questions… 1) I’m planning on using a metal ball valve with cpvc connectors (Sioux chief makes one). Is it as simple as cutting and solvent welding on the valve...
  2. dauber man

    CPVC Union Ball Valve as Main Shut Off

    My condo pluming is CPVC pipe and the main water shutoff which is located in the water heater closet is currently a regular CPVC ball valve which is extremely difficult to turn. I was thinking of replacing it with a CPVC Union Ball Valve that from what I can tell is supposed to be higher...
  3. dauber man

    Main water shut off valve

    Moving into a condo and can't figure out which is the main water shut off valve.. There are two large shut off valves in the water heater closet (Blue and Red) and another smaller blue shut off valve on the other side of same pipe. Which is the main shut off valve for all the water to the...
  4. dauber man

    CPVC and PEX

    We're thinking about purchasing a brand new condo unit and it has been piped with a combination of CPVC and PEX here in Los Angeles, CA. I've never seen CPVC and PEX before here in LA and have always been told copper is the gold standard. Is this a reason not to buy? Planning to stay in the...
  5. dauber man

    Corroded copper pipe?

    We just moved into a newly built condo and found this next to the water heater. The pipes can’t be more than a year old but they were wrapped with insulation. Is this a problem? What would cause this to a pipe less than a year old installed? thank you
  6. dauber man

    Utility Wall Mount Faucet Cartridge? Kohler K-8907-CP

    I have a wall mount utility sink in the garage... It has a slow leak and I thought it would be a simple fix to just remove the stem and replace a washer. However, when I removed it, there doesn't seem to be a washer to replace inside. It also doesn't look like a cartridge either. Does anyone...
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