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  1. Terry

    Service weight rubber gasket leak

    Can you post a picture?
  2. Terry

    How much should I pay for A O Smith ProLine GCR-40 Water Heater replacement

    We don't get into pricing here. Sometimes it's good to get three local quotes. Also with pricing, a lot depends on the area. The cost of living where you're at makes a difference. That does sound good for a gas water heater install though.
  3. Terry

    Kitchen clean out

    I've installed plenty of kitchen cleanouts on the horizontal trap arm. The passed inspection.
  4. Terry

    Delta Tub Diverter Spout - Plastic Nipple Extender.

    That's a Delta tub spout. I like those as they spin on and spin off. Very easy to work with. Home Depot carries them.
  5. Terry

    Side sprayer replacement

    Those are quick release fittings. The gray pushes in and releases the grip. I would post a picture of the faucet and we might be able to identify. You will need to stick to the same brand parts for that particular model.
  6. Terry

    Shopping for a Polished Chrome Ceiling Shower Arm

    All shower heads are flow restricted.
  7. Terry

    Shopping for a Polished Chrome Ceiling Shower Arm

    Those are pretty close to being the same, but not. I think you would be fine with either. With so many staying home with Covid the last two years, and fixing up their homes, the manufacturers have been increasing their pricing, It's getting "interesting" out there.
  8. Terry

    Shower Drain Connect To Brass Pipe?

    Good point, I forgot that he was replacing a deep tub, and long verticals can siphon traps.
  9. Terry

    Need to lower toilet flange Which Reamer is best?

    I prefer the Reed cutter, have used both, and they both work. I would not break up the floor for changing the 14" rough to 12" Also, would have expected the new toilet to sit over the flange. You can dry set first to see if it works with the flange, and if it isn't working with wax...
  10. Terry

    Shower Drain Connect To Brass Pipe?

    Normally within 42" to venting. With 1/4" per foot rise.
  11. Terry

    Outdoor spigot

    Fine threads for a thread on anti-siphon. It helps to know the brand. This one was Arrowhead.
  12. Terry

    Tiny Bathroom

    Impossible. The shower is 32", toilet 30" and the sink is 24" That's 86" Taylor is looking for where they put the paper holder.
  13. Terry

    Shower Drain Connect To Brass Pipe?

    in the 60's all of the showers were run with 1.5" drains. And that was with 2.5 GPM shower heads. Will it work? Yes. Will it pass a current inspection for a remodel conversion? That's up to your local inspector. The tub works with 1.5", funny isn't it.
  14. Terry

    Toilet Choice Overload

    The 776 and the 786 are essentially the same, the difference is the tank style. Quality control on TOTO products has been good, one more reason for the good reviews. I've sold a few thousand over the years and have done many, many installs. They're good. As far as other brands go, many have...
  15. Terry

    ProPEX Logic System, add valves to multiport manifold outputs?

    You will want a shutoff for each fixture, either at the manifold, or at the fixture itself. There is not set rule for which is considered the correct location. Accessible though.
  16. Terry

    Old kitchen sink plumbing mess - how to update?

    I just did this for my brother in Hoquiam. New disposer and instead of knocking the plug out, added the dishwasher branch tailpiece. Way better, now if the disposer ever gets removed or replaced, it will be clean and simple,
  17. Terry

    Bathroom Sink Drain Assembly and Toilet Supply Line

    The lav drain is 1.25" If your p-trap is also 1.25" then that is what you're working with. Often on "new" construction, everything from the wall comes out 1.5", therefore the the comments regarding that.
  18. Terry

    Old kitchen sink plumbing mess - how to update?

    An inspector likes an air-gap for the dishwasher drain. A high loop is better than nothing though.
  19. Terry

    Bathroom Sink Drain Assembly and Toilet Supply Line

    The reducing slip joint washer fits on the 1.25" tail piece so that the 1.5" extension seals. If it was a 1.5" kitchen or laundry sink drain, then the standard 1.5" slip joint washer.
  20. Terry

    Critical question not addressed by UPC or IPC

    I don't think you can. I never plan on keeping them very long.
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