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  1. Terry

    American Brass three handle tub parts & trim?

    I think this is from a manufactured home.
  2. Terry

    There is only one way to sit on a toilet

    Saturday Night Live asks about sitting positions on toilets. Toilet Death ejector. The Koohl toilet The Love Toilet
  3. Terry

    Patching lead drain lines in an old Seattle home, any good ideas?

    A family project for a home destined to be bulldozed when the current owner dies. In the meantime, lead drain lines with holes in them, and no money to replace with new. It's a reverse mortgage that needs to have working plumbing, but really no money to do it with. Patching lead, something I've...
  4. Terry

    Suiattle River Trailhead to Holden Village, six day hike over the Cascades

    Suiattle River Trailhead to Holden Village, six day hike over the Cascades. Lakes to swim in, snowfields to traverse, looking over the interior of the Cascade mountains, where few have been. Terry Love and Bruce Martin in the year 2000
  5. Terry

    Man in the moon or woman in the moon? What do you see?

    I've often heard about the "Man in the moon", but seldom heard about the female version of the moon. There are cultures that have that version too. What is a feminine moon? A lunar cycle and a menstrual cycle both take about 28 days. (The common “m-n” prefix of “menstrual”, “Moon”, and “month”...
  6. Terry

    Testing for COVID

    I was feeling a bit ragged the last few days and was supposed to be taking care of a daughter after her surgery, so figured we should take the in home covid tests to make sure we were good to go. I tested positive. We told her she needed to make other plans, and plumbing jobs are cancelled this...
  7. Terry

    Moldy floor near toilet, is it the seal or something else?

    Posting for a friend from Pittsburgh who is trying to determine a fix for this. Mold has been showing up near the toilet bowl, but the floor is dry. A bit confusing as normally you would think it's from the toilet seal. Mold to the right of the bowl. Water streaking on the wall. But...
  8. Terry

    Replace 1976 Moen shower valve with Delta R1000

    I started plumbing in the Seattle area in 1974. My first job was at Crown Custom Plumbing. They had at one time 150 plumbers working for them. Our vans were Fords, white with a blue horizontal strip. We plumbed a lot of homes on the Eastside, Moen Chateau was our valve. Single handle with a 1200...
  9. Terry

    Does Terry Love sing?

  10. Terry

    Copper pipe shocked me!!

    I was looking at a 3" ABS drain for a toilet in the basement, standing on the plastic toilet seat, accidently touched the 1" copper pipe and WOW!! I got shocked. The copper pipe right here. And then I went outside to check the grounding on the panel, just one rod in the ground, and nudging...
  11. Terry

    What is this old p-trap?

    I have never seen a 1911 p-trap like this? Any ideas?
  12. Terry

    Moen Ravenna 1956 Catalog, 20B, 22B, 23B

    Moen Valve Company, a division of Ravenna Metal Products Corporation 6518 Ravenna Avenue, Seattle 15, Washington The original Single Handle Mixing Faucet Models include: 20B, 200B, 22B, 21B, 32C, 23B, 24B,
  13. Terry

    Regular or Premium in my plumbing vans?

    When I bought my vans, a G3500 Chevy Box van and a Ford E250 Econoline, I was running regular, just like what it said to use in the manual. And yes, the Ford would ping going up hills, but that was how it ran. Then my mechanic told me that I should be using at least the mid grade. I tried it...
  14. Terry

    Elkay undermount sink, what disposer flange works with it?

    I was getting ready to hook up a customers Elkay undermount today with a nice 3/4 HP Insinkerator using the supplied black matt flange, to match the black matt kitchen faucet they had too. Sink looks like this in the catalog. But what is this I'm looking at? Doesn't that seem really, really...
  15. Terry

    Sink still works, what now?

    New seals for this Delta faucet, but I'm telling the customer that there are some very sharp edges to deal with here. What about your young kids using the bathroom sink, aren't you worried that someone might cut themselves?
  16. Terry

    American Standard Hampton, ID shower faucet? Pictures added

    Someone asked what this was.
  17. Terry

    Uncle Gary And Sasquatch. The Call.

    The first time I heard this story was on a four day trek into the North Cascades with Gary Amos. We plumbed together back then, and had decided to venture out on a four day hike, 4th of July weekend, snow covering much of our route. We brought our ice axes, which it turned out were well needed...
  18. Terry

    Early childhood memories, what were yours?

    What is interesting to me is early childhood memories. Hopefully we all have them, some good, some bad I suppose. Not too traumatic I hope. One very early memory I've always had was the time my mother left me in my crib while she was in the other room doing, well, maybe doing nothing but taking...
  19. Terry

    Lav faucet leaks, need part

    Anyone know what cartridge this faucet needs? Customer supplied photo, should have had the picture from more of a distance I guess.
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