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  1. cowdogs

    Question about Clack value settings

    While doing my 1st year service on my water softener and Katalox iron filter, I decided to review the setting on both valves. I just want to stay familiar with how the value works. The one setting that I may not fully understand is what the value is the salt FILL number. Mine is set to 15lbs...
  2. cowdogs

    Setting Salt Efficiency

    So I am looking at improving my understanding of the variables involved in controlling a water softener value for salt efficiency. My value is a Clack EE, but my questions probably apply to any softener. It seems to me 3 things must be managed. How often/soon the softener regenerates. This...
  3. cowdogs

    Iron Filter Question

    Hello. I have a question about a new system I am having installed at my house that includes an iron filter (AIO Katalox). My previous system did not have an iron filter, so this is a new thing. My question is about residual air in the water after the Iron Filter. Is this likely to be an...
  4. cowdogs

    Katalox backwash question

    I see the recommendation is these filters using Katalox-Light should be backwashed every 3-4 days. 4 days is often listed as the max time you should go. One reason I see given is that the oxidized iron (rust) will be clogging the media and water flow might be reduced. My question is, why is...
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