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  1. Clutchcargo

    Delta R10000 Shower Valve With PEX - best practices

    I'm installing a shower valve and diverter. The shower circuit is going to be a home run using PEX. Is there any benefit to use a valve body with 1/2" inlets and then sweat in a couple elbows and PEX adapters? Will the PEX with bends and shower faucet fit within a 14" stud cavity? Also, I think...
  2. Clutchcargo

    Pipe not fully seated in fitting.

    I'm working on gluing up the drain for the toilet. After I measured everything out and glued it together, I discovered that the length ran about 1/4" longer than measured. I sent my phone into the pipe to have a look at the inside to see what happened. It looks like the pipe is not fully seated...
  3. Clutchcargo

    Toilet rough in measurement

    Before I glue this all together... is the 12" rough-in measurement for a toilet from the finished drywall or the baseboard trim? TIA
  4. Clutchcargo

    Charlotte 3" long 1/4 bend

    There seems to be a design consideration built into this bend. Any idea why one side of the 90 is different than the other? Using this below a WC to go to horizontal.
  5. Clutchcargo

    Recommendation for shower valve kit

    Looking for a recommendation for a good but not too pricey shower valve trim and control kit (valve, shower head, rail and wand). I like the look and quality of the American Standard's DXV product line but that's coming in at over $1200. Anything comparable but less expensive? Any brands or...
  6. Clutchcargo

    90 vent elbow with long street tail.

    Is there such a thing as a 90 street with a long street tail? This is for a 2"vent going thru a 2x4 top plate. My issue is that I've only got about 1.25" of available pitch between the top of the top plate of the shower's partition wall and the highest possible location of an inverted sanitary...
  7. Clutchcargo

    Cleanout below flood plain

    I want to tuck the drain for a tub in the joist cavity. This drain would head towards a partition wall where it enters a sanitee and a long sweep 90 with the rest of the drain below the joists and vent going up into the wall. I want to add a cleanout in the vent line to service the sanitee if...
  8. Clutchcargo

    Wye or Sanitary Tee

    My toilet flange is 10' from the stack; it's a straight run. I plan wet-venting this from the tub (2" drain) at the 6' mark from the toilet. Since it will have a vent, does it make any difference if I use a San Tee or Wye at the stack? The San Tee would give me slightly more venting but the Wye...
  9. Clutchcargo

    Toilet Venting

    I'm trying to design my bathroom keeping plumbing code in mind. Where I'd like to put the toilet is 10' from the stack which prompted me to look into venting requirements. How can there be so much discrepancy between the all the plumbing codes related to DWV of a toilet? IPC - vent when it gets...
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