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  1. DrS1

    Flame sight glass causing failure on UFT-80W?

    If anyone else finds this thread and is curious, my combustion numbers have been checked and are within range. My burner (brand new) generates an orange glow through the sight glass on LOW fire... this is because, as I stated, there is a ceramic mesh which glows due to the heat and the flames...
  2. DrS1

    Flame sight glass causing failure on UFT-80W?

    I know I am resurrecting an old post, but did you ever figure out the solution to this? I just connected a new Westinghouse/HTP combi boiler, and still need to find someone with a combustion analyzer to do the final tuning. I did fire it up, and noticed at low fire it does look orange through...
  3. DrS1

    Some questions about boiler install

    I have a couple of questions about this diagram I was hoping someone could help me with. For closely spaced tees, I have seen the rules for keeping 8 diameters upstream, and 4 diameters downstream of the straight section. Given that was maintained, would it matter in this layout if the primary...
  4. DrS1

    Air Separator + Tank in Primary or Secondary loop?

    It is 3/4" pipe. Approx 180' of pipe including fin tube (130' of actual fin tube) There are a few places that have out and back returns in them so fin tube + bare 3/4" return.
  5. DrS1

    Air Separator + Tank in Primary or Secondary loop?

    Single zone, about 130 ft of fin tube baseboard radiation.
  6. DrS1

    Air Separator + Tank in Primary or Secondary loop?

    I am getting more serious about pulling the trigger on my combi boiler conversion. The boiler I am looking at requires a primary/secondary setup and comes with an integrated pump for the primary (Looking at WBRCNG140W) Current boiler has a single loop, so I need to reconfigure things. Looking...
  7. DrS1

    Push or Pull Circulators

    Hi @TimCee , I'm considering this exact boiler. I'm seeing mixed info online, does yours have a 10:1 turndown ration (min BTU 14k)? How did the install go?
  8. DrS1

    Looking for COMBI Boiler Brand Advice

    So, I have managed one more year out of my ancient Kenmore/Burnham low efficiency boiler and need to do something about a replacement before next season. My tank style water heater is getting up in years as well, so considering a high efficiency combination unit. I posted last year, and the...
  9. DrS1

    Choosing a mod-con boiler

    I'm interested, what is your opinion of the Rinnai boilers like the E85SR vs the HTP/Westinghouse you mention. ( Also, how about the Noritz brand?
  10. DrS1

    Wall vs. Floor Mounted Condensing Boiler

    I was looking at condensing boilers at Menards and am curious about the difference between Wall Mounted and Floor standing versions of what look to be similarly featured and spec'd boilers. In this case, the Westinghouse WBRCNG140F vs WBRCNG140W. Provided space wasn't an issue, is there an...
  11. DrS1

    Another Cycle Stop Valve Backpressure Question

    I'm considering the installation of a CSV to save my pump when using water for extended periods. I forget the exact brand of pump I have, but I bought it at a big box store a few years ago and I'm pretty sure it's along the lines of a Utilitech 3/4 HP, 10GPM. My pump hangs no more than 80 feet...
  12. DrS1

    Need advice: Relocating well pressure tank

    Thanks for the info! I was not aware of Cycle Stop Valves and was starting to price out larger tanks. I'm still leaning toward relocating my tank, but it sounds like with the introduction of a CSV I can reuse the tank I have and get a more constant pressure.
  13. DrS1

    Need advice: Relocating well pressure tank

    Hi all, I am in need of some advice and I was hoping someone in the forum might be able to help. I am trying to finish off a corner of my basement, but the well supply line (leading from a submersible pump) and a 20 gallon pressure tank are in the way. The rest of the house equipment is in an...
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