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  1. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Opinion on expansion tank installation. Picture included.

    Hot Dang Jim, U sayed a mouthful rite thar. Ann it makes komplete cents ta me. But don git yer hopes up dat deez guys will komprehend a lick of it. Ya gotta realeyes dat we iz dealin with General Engineerin Contracters here an dats a whole lot differin from dem engineers you worked with in the...
  2. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Opinion on expansion tank installation. Picture included.

    Hey Bufflo Breath. Long time no see! Howya bean doin, I thawt ya ran offa dang cliff or sumpthin. We aughta hook up n swill a lil moonshine togedder, rachet jaw bout ol timz like wye Toto Toilets suck cuz UPS busts dem in shippin, How dem whirlsapoo water heaters r the good stuff n all dat...
  3. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Opinion on expansion tank installation. Picture included.

    Thas Hillarius Rite Thar. U dun reely beleve the poo you spouts off do ya? Son u sure he ain't been sippin my corn squeezins and got some wet brain goin on.
  4. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Shutoff Valve in Hot Water Line of Water Heater

    Hot Dang Redwood! Wat is it wit alla these engineeers that wanna think they knows mor bout plummin than Redwood. They seems ta have no end to the line of em comin ta git ther noze bleedin.
  5. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Master Plumber and hot water heater swap out

    Good thang you isn't runnin a still cuz you dunno Jack! Yud git yur silly azz self blowed up fer sure.
  6. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Hydrocare HC38 Thoughts???

    Hay Dere Miguel Good ta see ya don't like that Kool-Aid. Ya Reckon dis gadget wood make my whisky taste better. Seam it duz everything else....
  7. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Leaky Valve and Thermal Expansion Tanks

    I here'd tell dey dunt usem much in China, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mexico eethur. Ain't Californya part of Mexico? Must bee a lotta bad plumbing der.
  8. Redwoodvotesoften1

    How not to repair your water heater

    Oh Ya... I members him. Wot wuz his Avitar be4 the Dawgs? I member he had wun he wuz reel partial ta ;) :D Soundz like a damn awful hacked up mess.
  9. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Leaky Valve and Thermal Expansion Tanks

    Them's fightin words right thar! My hooch is a whollota bunch bettern any cheap dang vodka you kin get in a store. I tender ya an offer that kin make ya a buncha money an thats how you come back at me. Ima thinkin you mama didn't get the jobba raisin ya dun rite.
  10. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Leaky Valve and Thermal Expansion Tanks

    Dang Dat'll be the way ma still duz it. Werks rite by me. I dunno if id put ma prayerz inta havin wun o dem expandin tanks keepin ma still frum gittin blowed up. Say Ballvalve dem pitchers ya'll put up of yer north 40. Imma thinkin we mite git tagether n set up a cupulla stills der. Dat be...
  11. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Hydrocare HC38 Thoughts???

    Yep I don own one o dese gizmo's either. Seems lik a buncha snake oil ta me. An you seem like a travelin snake oil sales man. Now git on along befour I pepper ur butt with a load a rock salt out o ol betsy.
  12. Redwoodvotesoften1

    We really are in trouble now

    Hot Dang Ian. I dint no that dem royals were doin the inbred thing. We got summa dem livin down the road a piece jes like dat without the fancy clothes.
  13. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Splicing into 3" PVC horizontal drain line

    Ar yu an enginear? Yu shur talk lik one. Wun ah my kinfolk was an wuz an enginear. He wuz a fart smeller but twuz all book learnt an he din't ave a lick o common sense. Ez been all laid off now fer a good long time an he'z been buyin up my shine fer a a good long whyle... I do say iffen he killz...
  14. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Aging gas lines in America

    I dint no dey started makin corn likker there. Far az I new they dint even mak Bourbon Whisky. Careful what u sez bout dem Irish bein brits. Hate ta see dem car bombs goin off agin. Az far az gittin whiskey on Sunday u kin buy it frum me outta da trunka my car befour the service n after. No...
  15. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Aging gas lines in America

    Yea deh kin but not as often as dem gas explosions Redwood was postin over in britton. U ought ta check dem history books bout how summa my kin folk threw a whumppin ona Major Ferguson up on King Mountain. Jess lik a squerril hunt. My kinfolk cut dem brits to pieces wit der Kentucky Rifles...
  16. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Aging gas lines in America

    Dang, I use barrels made outta White Oak the keep my corn Licker in while it mellows. That be some tuff wood fo sho. Redwood u think that yankee saw mill might give me a decent deal on staves fer my barrels.
  17. Redwoodvotesoften1

    Tech support, who has it?

    Boy O Boy Soundz like ol brown got you all riled up son. Wut I wanna know is wy ar you beefin wit Terry an Toto? Soudz like ur barkin at the wrong tree the raccoon is up the uther one. Ma be you jes need ta sit down n relax Take urself a sippa sum of my corn juice n kwit cher bellyakin
  18. Redwoodvotesoften1


    Ahh DripDoc... Thatllbe one omy kinfolk... Ya gotta excuz him as he gets ta sippin the shine n gets all ornery... He's ona dem ones that dunno wen ta put it down, mosta the time he jes goes home n kicks the dawg or beats the wife n kids... A ways back I set up an ol P1 puter I had so hiz kids...
  19. Redwoodvotesoften1

    A.O. Smith water heater

    Damn You guys are fun to watch goin after them enginears. Them injuns sure knew hoe ta hunt them buffalos. Jes stampede the critters offa cliff an pick up the meat an furs on the bottom. :D Talk about dum animals! Kinda reminds me of enginears.
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