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    fleck 5600 PH neutralizer valve replacement

    yes, the piston itself is damaged. I tried replacing the seals for a stop gap but the leak into the drain continues. The kit you linked is for the -10, mine is the -52 so i'm not sure how it will respond but I might try it anyhow. The biggest difference between my piston assembly and the linked...
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    fleck 5600 PH neutralizer valve replacement

    yes, I use calcite and yes I have been reviewing the site you mentioned. thanks. if I could get the same piston I would be happy but settling on something that will work. I'm just not certain any other piston will function properly since they have different profiles. The piston that visually...
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    fleck 5600 PH neutralizer valve replacement

    The main piston in my fleck 5600 PH neutralizing tank has developed defects that allow water to leak into the drain port during normal operation. I have searched extensively and can't find the replacement piston (60102-52) as it has been discontinued. Short of installing a solenoid on the drain...
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