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    Water Pressure Issues and Main Line Plumbing

    I will take some water pressure readings to see where I'm at inside the house. I can't easily test water pressure before and after the PRV without some work I'm not totally comfortable with.
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    Water Pressure Issues and Main Line Plumbing

    Thanks for the feedback. This is how it was plumbed when I bought the house, and agree that I'd rather have irrigation unregulated and only regulate pressure to the house. That would probably be a larger renovation to this, but not out of the question (but not DIY-able for me, not a plumber :-)).
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    Water Pressure Issues and Main Line Plumbing

    Ever since owning this house, I've had pretty consistent water pressure issues: sprinkler system heads often don't come up, showers are severely impacted if any other tap is open, things like that. I've been recently wondering if the elbow in the plumbing for my main water line could be playing...
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    Water hammer caused by hot water circulator pump sensor valve

    I'm having this issue as well and would love to see an update, even three years later :).
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    Advice for Adding Flexible Supply to Existing Faucet

    New to the forum with a DIY question. I am in the middle of installing a Watts recirculating pump in my house which requires the installation of a new check valve (link to valve) at the sink furthest from my water heater. My sink plumbing is all copper, including a 3/8 soft copper riser from...
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