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    Residential boiler lifespan?

    I only opened on time to add a 6" section of 1" copper tubing about four years ago. It was in a spot where I had to drain about a third of the system. Otherwise it's just when I vent air every Fall from the second floor radiators. Maybe a few gallons from the pipe mod? I'll check the inside...
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    Residential boiler lifespan?

    I have 20+ year old small boiler that has spent most of its life supporting a mostly wood burning stove. I've cleaned it and changed electrodes, nozzle and oil filter every Fall. I burn about 200 gallons a year. We've lived here 50 years and will probably be leaving in the next five. It's a...
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    Watts 70a valve

    Thank you for the reply. I was betting that would be the answer. However I failed to mention this has been happening since new. And further, getting warmer water only really occurs in summer when the city water is proportionately warmer. The dial setting does nothing to help. If I feel...
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    circulator pump question

    I can't see any problem with it. I ran a similar set up many years ago but manually valved one out at a time as to not heat the cold boiler. Do you pump throught the cold boiler or bypass? My set up was pretty primative but I had a lot of good hardwood, was young and energetic.
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    Huge COMPUTER problem need huge help

    I had a similar problem when pop ups got so bad I couldn't use the computer. I eventually had to reinstall everything. You might want to do it before you may not be able. I too loaded Stopzilla. That was 4-5 years ago and it seemed to work. By the time it came to renew Stopzilla Comcast...
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    Watts 70a valve

    Hi, new to the forum. Looking for some advice. Have a Watts 70a tempering valve on oil fired tankless boiler. This time of year the incoming city water gets cold enough that the tankless set up struggles to deliver warm water. Over the years I've wondered if there's something I can do to...
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    Boiler keeps going off/on, off/!

    I'm not a pro but have been keeping a few boilers in our family running for 30 some years. I just joined this forum looking for several tips when I saw this problem. Maybe I missed it, but when you are trying to determine if your pump is pumping, do you hear water flowing out of the boiler? I...
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