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  1. Mittenstate

    Orphaned gas water heater situation? And what to do about it

    Thanks all, I've now had two plumbers out who looked at the setup and said it is not an issue. They seemed convinced that the Code only speaks to situations where you have a masonry chimney. Regardless of whether that's technically true, it seems like no one thinks I need to have a liner...
  2. Mittenstate

    Orphaned gas water heater situation? And what to do about it

    My house in Michigan was built in 1995. Last year I upgraded the 80% efficiency gas furnace to a 97% efficiency furnace that vents directly outside. Consequently I now have a chimney that vents to the roof that is only used by the ~2013 gas water heater. I'm now doing research before upgrading...
  3. Mittenstate

    Reseating drain flange is leaking

    I am trying to reseat a drain flange in a fiberglass tub with PVC pipes. I replaced two gaskets with a standard gasket purchased from Home Depot, slipping it between the tub and the drain shoe. I used plumbers putty around the underside of the drain flange. I cleaned the threads on the flange...
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