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  1. Windows on Washington

    Anyone do any slab - floor heating in here?

    Thinking about integrating some infloor heating to a new garage build and driveway pour. Does anyone here have any experience with that? Thanks.
  2. Windows on Washington

    Best PEX fitting/set up

    Can you talk to me a bit more about the recirculating system? I am going to be putting on an instant on water heater (HeatWorks system) and given that my bedroom is at the end of a 60' run, wondering how that might work.
  3. Windows on Washington

    Best PEX fitting/set up

    Thank you for all the feedback folks. Home is on well water. I don't mind buying a tool, even if a few bucks, if the PEX A is the better way to go with the lack restriction at the fittings.
  4. Windows on Washington

    Best PEX fitting/set up

    Thank you Terry. Do you prefer PEX A or PEX B?
  5. Windows on Washington

    Best PEX fitting/set up

    This forum is a wealth of information and I am hoping you guys/gals can help. I want to get better flow to my bathroom (end of a long run with several bends and right angles) as well as manifold my outside spigots for easy on/off. I was going to be remodeling the kitchen at some point too...
  6. Windows on Washington

    Mystery smell after taking respirator off

    Haven't experienced that personally but sensory adaptation is quite real. Try it outside and post up what you find from that.
  7. Windows on Washington

    Floor Joist Removal

    +1 You have a picture you can load up and post?
  8. Windows on Washington

    Stud a wall over 2" rigid insulation

    +1 Cheaper than the HD batts as well. Dana going shade tree style.
  9. Windows on Washington

    Pocket doors and air leakage?

    Great post. You nailed it 100%. Google Air sealing and insulation and you will be overcome with information.
  10. Windows on Washington

    Basement Foam Board Question

    Dana nailed usual. Leave the Reflectix on the shelf. Stick to the rigid board.
  11. Windows on Washington

    Basement Spray Foam?

    Dana is a wealth of information on this stuff and I always enjoy reading his posts and those of really good applicators like dlarrivee. Great information.
  12. Windows on Washington

    Merry Christmas, Or happy new life. 2012

    Time for the Airing of Grievances!!! ;) Merry Christmas to everybody else.
  13. Windows on Washington

    Earthquake Retrofit Prep Work

    Looks untreated to me as well. I know that Dana knows the moisture facts backwards and forwards but if the concrete stays dry, it might be a non-issue. How old is the concrete?
  14. Windows on Washington

    Tyvek house wrap without logos defacing it?

    Most of the stuff is going to be logo'ed up. If it is open on the top, poly should be fine. You needn't really worry about a vapor barrier unless it is completely closed up and after the winter months. There isn't much moisture in the air right now anyway. There are several roofing...
  15. Windows on Washington

    America's Unluckiest Woman...naught

    She is alive and well. She isn't that unlucky. Homes can be rebuilt. I would say that you have had much more to deal with than her. Where is the article about you??? ;)
  16. Windows on Washington

    This is really worth reading

    Whole grains.....wrong. I am sorry but most of the diet stuff that is out there is such complete garbage. I will concede that good fruits, vegetables, and coffee are good ideas. After that, much of what comes out of the government as it pertains to dietary recommendations is BS and the...
  17. Windows on Washington

    Pulled muscle

    +1 They can really suck depending on which one you pull. Rest, Epson salts as mentioned above, and heat will help speed recovery.
  18. Windows on Washington

    Shell Gas Stations - Why they push so hard for you to buy two drinks and candy bars.

    Sad to see this given the obesity epidemic as you mentioned. I fill up at one station predominantly and the guys all know me now. I know they are just doing as told but it is a pretty sleazy policy. We don't need any help being fat...that is for certain. I love my Paleo diet so I keep the...
  19. Windows on Washington

    Why are My Taxes so High?

    Retiring at 75%...what a flipping joke. I love this line in the article...Disclosure of Webber's arrangement comes as Suffolk struggles with a multimillion-dollar budget gap and spiraling state pension bills. No...really.
  20. Windows on Washington

    basement wall insulation

    Typical Dana response...totally factual and rock solid. Good to see the big brain isn't just over at GBT!!
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