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  1. Joel Brink

    Replacing cartridge for Pegasus Shower

    Circling back here since I'm still trying to figure this out 2 years later. Got ahold of a manufacturer at one point and they told me they would not send replacement parts because I did not have the receipt. (The faucet was installed by the previous house owner.) Just recently bought a...
  2. Joel Brink

    Pegasus 7000 Series Shower

    Hey all, I'm desperately looking for a Pegasus 7000 Series shower faucet. Originally all I wanted to do was swap to a different faucet with a different finish. Realized that not only do other makes not work with the special Pegasus valve, other models (like the 9200 series) don't fit. I'd...
  3. Joel Brink

    Replacing cartridge for Pegasus Shower

    Thank you. So now that I've learned a lot about this defunct Pegasus brand, are there any modern cartridges that fit this style of valve? I've tried a Pfister, and a Delta, and neither are working. Honestly, I'm just trying to replace the handle and head to an updated brushed nickel finish. The...
  4. Joel Brink

    Replacing cartridge for Pegasus Shower

    Thank you! Honestly had no idea there was a cap on that handle. With the plate and handle removed, can I shut the water off on the valve?
  5. Joel Brink

    Replacing cartridge for Pegasus Shower

    Similar scenario, but wanting to clarify. Have a pegasus shower setup (no tub) and I want to replace and update the look. This post is the only info I've found regarding the one that's currently installed. Question is, I can unscrew the handle (red) and the plate, but the piece (green) that...
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