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    90 degree horizontal bends 3" pipe- please help!

    Thanks Wayne and Jeff for your thoughts on this. It is a bit deceiving in the photo, as I have a full 36" between the cleanout on the toilet trap arm and the stemwall. While it might be unnecessary I can't imagine it would cause a problem (unless I don't understand something... very possible...
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    90 degree horizontal bends 3" pipe- please help!

    Hi Wayne, I am very grateful for your response. I went ahead with your proposed reconfiguration and am feeling a lot better the whole thing. The WC now has a total of 90 degrees horizontal change and it is split between two 45s (the wyes). While this fix cost me another 100 dollars and good bit...
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    90 degree horizontal bends 3" pipe- please help!

    Okay, so here is the current design for a difficult to plumb bathroom group. The lav is plumbed with 2" and acts as a wet vent for a tub (plumbed w/ 1,5") and a toilet. The trap arms are all within the length limits denoted by UPC and sloped at 1/4". The question I have is about the horizontal...
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