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    Laundry sink pump s-trap?

    No. Pump is labeled for the side port as an inlet/vent and the adjoining top port as an inlet/vent (other top port obviously is discharge). So by using the side port with a p-trap, the top port becomes the vent. Thanks for the reply. Its one of those puzzles where I was trying to make sense of...
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    Laundry sink pump s-trap?

    Seems more logical to just inlet from the side with a standard p-trap arm. But why would Liberty go out of their way to suggest the s-trap in the diagram?
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    Laundry sink pump s-trap?

    Here is the installation diagram from the manual for the Liberty 404 drain pump. It clearly states "Note: a trap shall be used between the fixture and pump, a flange type is recommended." Will the s-trap be siphoned out, leaving the sink and washer stand pipe vulnerable to nasty pump basin...
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    Laundry Sink Pump Plumbing PVC or ABS

    Hi all, I'm plumbing in a new washer and laundry sink and pump in the basement. I'll be tying into the existing ABS waste line. I'd appreciate any input here on a couple of questions: Any benefit to sticking with all ABS from the new pump to the existing waste line? I'm not a fan of the rubber...
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