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  1. Cyahr

    Filter for sprinkler system

    I’m not sure about the style of pump. I’ve had this problem since I put in the sprinkler system about a year and a half ago. I believe it’s a 100 foot deep well. It does provide water for the house. I’ve looked at spin down filters before but had mixed feelings about them base on reviews. I’m...
  2. Cyahr

    Filter for sprinkler system

    Yes i have a well. It’s definitely iron. I had a water filter put on the house but the wouldn’t put that in the system before the sprinklers. It’s drawing from my well. No lakes are that close to the property. My only concern is the pressure of the sprinklers as I know it is typically high...
  3. Cyahr

    Filter for sprinkler system

    I have the problem of my sprinkler heads getting clogged up with a reddish/orange sediment that looks like sand. I’m assuming it’s iron/rust. My question is, I have a old pool filter on the side of my house. The exact model is the Hayward C900. Would that work for filtering the water going...
  4. Cyahr

    Rust/sand in sprinkler head filters

    I have 2 zones. Front yard and back yard. The front yard seems to run just fine and rarely gets clogged. The backyard however gets clogged real quick. At least once a week I have to go pull all the filter screens from the sprinkler heads and clean them out. They’ve been dyed an orange color from...
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