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  1. Fitter30

    SOLVED: Wiring Question

    Replace the two reciprocal just wire them with bottom two wires. Fish wires down to the reciprocal might need deeper boxes.
  2. Fitter30

    Jetting a well with pump IN it

    Wonder if a company that fills swimming pools would \ could 15k gallons of water down the well.
  3. Fitter30

    Need help changing to float switch for well system with cistern

    There are two types loads Inductive and Resistive Loads. Inductive is a motor where starting amps are higher than running, resistive are steady. Relays are made for resistive unless they state on them a hp.
  4. Fitter30

    Need help changing to float switch for well system with cistern
  5. Fitter30

    Can I cool with a boiler system?

    Look up chilled beams. The problem with using heating emitters or chilled beams have to stay above dew point because there no way you can have condensate sweating over everything. Can you do it yes with the proper controls. Comfort cooling...
  6. Fitter30

    switches go bad

    Take a pics of outside and inside of box and cover. A $25 clamp on amp meter or less would help diagnostics. Harbor Freight and amazon have them. When tyou break the swith open are the contacts melted?
  7. Fitter30

    Grundfos MQ3-35

    Wonder if pulling the pump filling it with vinegar through the primer fitting. Cork both supply and return turning the pump different positions so everything gets wet turning every 30 minutes for 2 hours. Drain and flush it. Priming holds 1.2 gallons.
  8. Fitter30

    Help identify manifold fittings

    Just the color is different
  9. Fitter30

    Alternative pump to Goulds HSC20?

    Call a couple of irrigation pump companies on the web tell what u have.
  10. Fitter30

    Vaillant ecoTec pro 30 pressure issues

    You never turn off a release valve. Does it have a label on it? 2 bar? Take a pic of it.
  11. Fitter30

    Baseboard radiator fin pipe in crawlspace

    Since boiler is electric cut the fins off or wrap them with a carpet that will stop the fins from heating. Most heaters their thermostat doesn't go down to 35°. This will. Measure the length of the fins 180° anout 600 btu's per foot. Electric is 3.41 btu's per watt...
  12. Fitter30

    Need Help with wiring Mr Cool universal Heat pump

    Every book I've looked at has standard wiring. Page 31 Page 14...
  13. Fitter30

    Alternative pump to Goulds HSC20?

    To size a pump need gpm flow per zone and what zones do you want to double up. Next highest water level & suction of pump level to top of well. All pipe sizes, length of pipe and number of fittings each pipe. Take a pump apart will also need a shaft seal and possibly a brass sleeve. A pump...
  14. Fitter30

    Alternative pump to Goulds HSC20?

    Gould tech could tell you more but they want 2.6' or more of pump being lower the water not above. What happens pump has cavitation instead of pumping a solid water stream air bubbles are mixed in impellers which you pump has 3 can set up a vibration and raise the water temperature...
  15. Fitter30

    Pressure Relief Valve Replacement

    Either telflon tape, pipe dope or both. Monster tape is good.
  16. Fitter30

    Need Help with wiring Mr Cool universal Heat pump

    Users manual page 31 lower left. Page 25 set up with conventional heat and hp. Can't run a hp with gas heat together with evap coil after the furnace. Gas heat w2. In stat setup o/b in ac if heat comes on when in cooling change setup to the other letter. Hp the reversing valve energizes in...
  17. Fitter30

    Vaillant ecoTec pro 30 pressure issues

    What is the height of the highest radiator from the lowest piping. Take couple of pictures of boiler, pump and expansion tank . Expansion relief device pressure? Couldn't find any info in the.install manual.
  18. Fitter30

    Overflow pan drain

    No if the relief valve would fail at full flow the drain pipe wouldn't handle that flow and spray out the drain pan.
  19. Fitter30

    Well pump, pipe, wire decisions

    Pumps are sized by head pressure ( feet of lift ,lenght of pipe ,the size and gpm). Small well pump might not be able to pump that head. Look at this pipe clamp also carry 1" just for poly.
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