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  1. Kenperko

    Basement Bathroom - new pipes under wall, or next to?

    Great, thank you. I think I will angle the main drain line so that it ends under the wall at the lav so I can take a drain/vent line straight up there and then also put a vent straight up where the 3" WC drain crosses under the wall. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Kenperko

    Basement Bathroom - new pipes under wall, or next to?

    I'm adding a basement bathroom, and wondering what's the best practice - to put new pipe runs in concrete under partition walls or next to them. It seems like for stubbing up, it would be better to have the run under the wall so that you don't need to have a 45 or other bend to get the pipe over...
  3. Kenperko

    Basement Bathroom and Bar Sink Plumbing Plan Review

    First off, thanks to all the wonderful contributors on this site! After ten years, I'm finally moving forward with adding a basement and wet bar to my basement. I'm in Utah, subject to the 2018 IPC. I am planning on building a wet wall with a bathroom on one side and a bar sink on the other...
  4. Kenperko

    When to say when on replacing old drain pipes

    I have an older (1940s) house and I've done a bunch of work on the supply - replaced all the old galvanized from the main with pex. I've also re-routed some old galvanized DWV with ABS, replaced about 3/4 of the drains. BUT... Now I'm looking at the stack and I've got some issues. It's Cast...
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