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  1. Glennhvac


    All I can say is I have replaced more defective thermopile gas valves with the status LED than I had in the prior 40 years before the combustion redesign. When they first came out the AO Smiths had a small screen that did not filter out the small stuff in the combustion air. After a few years in...
  2. Glennhvac

    New to me take on a Monoflo system.

    Was at a house for routine boiler fall check and saw this piping arrangement through out the basement. Took awhile before it dawned on me that they were using a choked down section of pipe between each tee to achieve what Monoflo tees typically are used for. Tee on right is supply, left side is...
  3. Glennhvac

    Pump switch, too many choices!! Steer me.

    K, I'll look into it when I replace my extrol one day.
  4. Glennhvac

    Pump switch, too many choices!! Steer me.

    I found one SQ D with the same specs as my old one. Square D 40-60 DPST. Thanks
  5. Glennhvac

    Pump switch, too many choices!! Steer me.

    Did you read my post? It has not failed. Contacts do get worn and pitted after decades and thousands of cycles however. I have seen on more than one occasion in fifty some years air conditioner contractors fail. often wedding together. I am not having a cycling problem.
  6. Glennhvac

    I have the cleanest galvanized pipes in the world!

    Seriously, they are like brand new inside and this place was built late '40's. Over the past 20 years I have done a good bit of remodeling and alterations and have yet to see any buildup in any of the galvanized I have touched. I have always wondered if it's because I have well water and if so...
  7. Glennhvac

    Pump switch, too many choices!! Steer me.

    Ah. I have no idea my pump HP but I guess I should find an FSG unit with the same specs.
  8. Glennhvac

    Extra piece thermocouple replacement

    Um to me it looks like you may have taken the pilot apart and that is your pilot orifice! I'd suggest putting that back in or you will be having some real pilot issues I can see where the 1/4 aluminum tube goes inside and the mating spot for the ferrel.
  9. Glennhvac

    How to change profile email?

    Normally this is easy but my dilemma is that the one I have listed is gone forever and can not be accessed. I have found on several sites that they want to send a verification to the email on file and if this is the case it won't work. Can I change my email here if the one listed in my profile...
  10. Glennhvac

    Pump switch, too many choices!! Steer me.

    OK folks, I have an old Square D 40-60 DPST model FSG2. There is no lever on it. I wanted to get a replacement just to have as my luck dictates it will fail Friday night on a holiday weekend. I think I have found what seems to be it's replacement ( 9013FYG2J24) I just want to make sure as there...
  11. Glennhvac

    Low Boy WH Install

    Not sure why you are assuming it is a water meter. I thought so too at first but why meter only hot water? That's why I wondered if it may be an automatic shut off but someone else may know better if there are any that look like that. OP is gone so it's a dead thread to me.
  12. Glennhvac

    Low Boy WH Install

    That "Roundish" thing looks like your water meter with a wired outside remote for readings. UNTIL I looked closer and see it piped directly into the tank. It could very well be an automatic water shut off. See where those wires head off to. I bet they get power from someplace and also take off...
  13. Glennhvac

    Expansion tank for gravity heating system. What is this in my attic?

    Remember being brand new and sent out from the place I worked for to convert an old gravity system. This place did not care for training so here I am wondering why water is pouring out the guys downspout on a sunny day! That second pipe is the escape hatch.
  14. Glennhvac

    Water Heater Prices

    Just bounced in checking a thread on picking water heaters straight up. Think I'll end up screwing something to the old one. Anyway on prices, just heard sheet metal going up 20% next month. A couple weeks ago my scrap guys came for a pickup. I have known them almost 40 years and he was eyeing...
  15. Glennhvac

    Please recommend a manifold brand

    I don't get on this forum often for HVAC. Usually when I have a plumbing question so I may not even see your reply but if nothing else maybe it will help clear up your question for others. First thing I thought was you were asking about refrigerant gages till you threw in motors. Are you talking...
  16. Glennhvac

    Extrol tank?

    I'm sure it's been asked before but my search query did not help. Does a water heater require an Extrol type tank when the house has a well? The reason I ask is every time I go in my basement and look at the one I replaced I'm seeing a huge Extrol 10 feet away that's tied into the same cold...
  17. Glennhvac

    Are gas water heaters less reliable these days?

    You may get the same years from the tank. The controls? No way! Right about the time a certain company figured out a 2x16 lint screen with 1/8" holes was not cutting it in utility rooms they also started to go with that thermopile valve with the pretty blinking light. Had many fail already...
  18. Glennhvac

    Caulking toilet base

    Just double checking to see if that Loctite caulk I got was good to use. Gonna switch to clear though. Sick of this toilet creeping a bit. Nice touch with that two handed tank flip above the bowl outside.:) Also nice to know I'm not breaking any laws all these years by not following the ring...
  19. Glennhvac

    Black flaking copper!

    No leaking and no external pitting or corrosion. I wish I would have traced that copper in the garage back to see if there was a splice using plastic someplace. That would have been another clue about it having something to do with electric grounding.
  20. Glennhvac

    Black flaking copper!

    Yes I was starting to wonder about electric and he has a generator system that might be fairly new.
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