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  1. cbass84

    Compression Shutoff + Jagged Pipe

    Thank you for all the input. I have decided to update this for the future. I had two valves that were not sealing. The first was just a slight weep and taking a longer wrench and tightening down on the nut seems to have solve the problem. The other one with the jagged pipe I was more concerned...
  2. cbass84

    Compression Shutoff + Jagged Pipe

    Does that mean you recommend I just replace the entire valve and figuring out redoing the faucet connection?
  3. cbass84

    Compression Shutoff + Jagged Pipe

    I don't think I crushed the pipe as I was under a cabinet with an adjustable wrench with a short 8 inch handle, but I have always been curious what happens if I did crush the pipe or encounter one in the future with a crushed pipe. I assume at that point there is no choice but to cut off the...
  4. cbass84

    Compression Shutoff + Jagged Pipe

    Thank you for the response. I removed it because it was leaking (seeping). I used a ferrule puller to remove the old olive. I put on a new olive that I bought at Home Cheapo. I reused the old nut and valve and there is still a seep. Now I am considering my options. I can cut that small...
  5. cbass84

    Compression Shutoff + Jagged Pipe

    Hello, I removed a compression shut off valve for a sink faucet. The pipe was jagged like it was cut with a hacksaw instead of a pipe cutter. I will need to cut off the jagged portion or does it not matter? Seems that in this case it's possible it might make a watertight connection, but...
  6. cbass84

    Rust in Burner - Bad Sign?

    When I took out the burner I noticed rust. Is rust in the burner the same as rust in the tank or is the burner area separate from the tank? Basically, with the rust seen here is it time to consider replacing the water heater? It isn't leaking yet, but does rust in the burner mean the tank is...
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