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  1. Sedin26

    water in drip pan

    If the water isn't coming from around the element and you can't specifically see a leak on top then this tank is done. It's time to replace it before it gets worse and causes a bigger mess. If you have a closed system (PRV, meter with check valve) make sure to get an expansion tank with the...
  2. Sedin26

    How To...Plumb Expansion Tank to Mobile Home Water Heater with PEX

    Here's a pic of mine. We moved into our 1994 mobile in 2017 and after a bath and waiting a while, the water would come flying out when first turned on. I didn't check the pressure but knew it was too much, particularly since there was still some Poly-B. We had a small closet for the WH and a...
  3. Sedin26

    Replace broken tub drain flange

    I moved into a 1994 mobile home recently. Both bathrooms have identical tubs with identical broken or rotted drain flanges (picture attached) I can get under to work on this if needed but would the approach here be to use one of those drain extractor tools from the top? Any tips on how to...
  4. Sedin26

    a/c adapter?

    You'd be best to get a proper replacement from an online auction site. Buying from the manufacturer will be expensive but the chargers can be had from other sources at minimal cost.
  5. Sedin26

    Rat in toilet

    I'm going to have nightmares for weeks and I won't be able to use the toilet either :( I guess I'll have to just go off the back deck until I can forget this thread!
  6. Sedin26

    what is the best grounding option

    Definitely take the advice either not to buy this in the first place or to replace the FP Panel with something new. The FP panel is not safe and it is not worth it to try to mess with it any further. If you put in some GFCI outlets, that is better than nothing but you still have an unsafe...
  7. Sedin26

    Any Great Ideas For a Rental With Costant Clogged Drain

    I don't think we're really too far apart on most of the issues. I definitely don't think I'd want to be a landlord.....too much trouble unless you're lucky enough to get good tenants. I definitely agree, in the case of the tenant who keeps clogging with grease, that she can be told to stop...
  8. Sedin26

    Any Great Ideas For a Rental With Costant Clogged Drain

    Of course I'd pay if I put a hole in the wall or caused any other damage to the unit. I'd also be happy to pay if I dropped something in the drain that caused an obstruction or dumped grease in there and caused a clog. I take pride in leaving a place in at least as good a condition as when I...
  9. Sedin26

    Any Great Ideas For a Rental With Costant Clogged Drain

    You can actually get people to rent a place from you and agree to pay for any clogs that might happen? I know I wouldn't.
  10. Sedin26

    Whirlpool Flame Lock water heaters, reviews, troubleshooting, repair and support.

    If you've read through the thread, you already know that the only reasonable course of action is to take the heater back to Lowe's and go out and get a Bradford White or Rheem unit somewhere. If you continue with what you have, it is highly likely that you will experience continuing problems...
  11. Sedin26

    Tankless-luke warm shower

    Ladiesman, I'm not against tankless heaters (I may go tankless myself next time due to severe space restrictions) but I do have a question on your numbers. You mentioned that your system is rated at 2.09 GPM output at, I believe, 75 degree temp rise and you have also stated that you can...
  12. Sedin26

    Ejector Pump Box with Air Admittance Valve (LONG)

    I read the forums daily, though I haven't actually bothered logging in with my username for about half a year, as I don't generally post. I thought it would be worth it to comment on this, though. I hope your setup works - it very well may work well for an extended period of time. Though I...
  13. Sedin26

    Lower Power element for small GE water heater?

    I have tried that - I can get it down to about 98 volts before it stops working - it can almost run (and likely would if I unplugged everything else) If I can't find a 750W element, I'll grab a 1000W and I think I can make that work at certain times. It would be easier if I was near a city.
  14. Sedin26

    Lower Power element for small GE water heater?

    That's ok - I would expect it to be very, very slow at recovering. If I can actually find one of these, I'll pick it up and try it.
  15. Sedin26

    Lower Power element for small GE water heater?

    I haven't been able to find any of these online anywhere so I will try to call "local" supply houses (I'm not exactly close to anhing though) Any chance one of you has seen one of these online somewhere?
  16. Sedin26

    Lower Power element for small GE water heater?

    Thanks for the replies. The 750W element sounds like it would be ok for my situation. Interestingly, this thread already comes up third on google when searching for 750w 115v element My next problem - I'm in the sticks so would prefer to source this on the net but I don't see anywhere to...
  17. Sedin26

    Lower Power element for small GE water heater?

    I have a 10 Gallon GE Smartwater Electric Water Heater with a single 1500W element. I'm using a micro-hydro power system that used to run this ok but, for reasons I won't get into, the capacity is reduced and I now don't have enough power to sustain the 1500W load. I'm wondering if it is...
  18. Sedin26

    Bathroom Venting Questions

    I'll do that. Thanks for the responses... It may be a few weeks before I get to this but I'll post a pic when I'm done.
  19. Sedin26

    Bathroom Venting Questions

    It is currently working ok but, since the wall is open and will be closed up again, I thought I'd avail myself of the opportunity to fix it up properly. So far, the responses have basically confirmed what I thought - things are not correct. If I had to give it my best shot with no other...
  20. Sedin26

    Bathroom Venting Questions

    My situation is as follows: I have opened up the basement bathroom for non-plumbing reasons and I see some work that looks suspect. The picture shows the pipes coming downstairs from the upstairs bathroom, which is located directly above. As you can see, the pipe on the right comes from...
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