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  1. Tuttles Revenge

    3 way shower valve, thats all I need. What.....where.....???

    **side note** The shower that had the digital controls that could output 14gpm also required a $20k water heater upgrade so I could guarantee the shower could sustain hot water for a full 45 minutes. [\quote] F*** it, its only money, sign me up!! Dude didn't even blink.. He wanted what he...
  2. Tuttles Revenge

    3 way shower valve, thats all I need. What.....where.....???

    I ammended my initial reply.. I did find a Delta valve and trim that I think meets your criteria for just under the 500 threshold. my market is stupid.. I just sold a job where changing the 2 shower valves doubled the price of the job from 25 to 50k... just for 2 shower valves!! Another...
  3. Tuttles Revenge

    3 way shower valve, thats all I need. What.....where.....???

    Lots of brands make shower valves with a temperature control and or volume control on one handle and a separate diverter or transfer valve on another handle built into the same body. Most will do either 3 or 6 functions. A 3 function valve will operate 2 independent outputs alone or mix the 2...
  4. Tuttles Revenge

    Please pay attention to whether a faucet is legal for installation in a drinking water system.

    I've read some of these reviews before while researching certain brands. We are just working on a house boat now that the homeowner went to a high end specialty designer outlet and I KNEW they would come back with something weird. Gessi brand shower valve made in italy, and according to this...
  5. Tuttles Revenge

    1001.2 trap is centrally located

    Back in the 90's Seattle didn't care about grease. But they've become pretty strict on it now. 4 commercial kitchens is going to likely require a large exterior vault... I try to stay away from commercial kitchens these days, tho they used to be my specialty.
  6. Tuttles Revenge

    Sillcock repair

    I've never used their hose bibs, but they pretty much just re-brand other manufactures stuff. That being said, it just takes a large enough socket or end wrench to turn it. Pliers Wrenches might be the ticket for not messing up the nut. Or if that isn't too much a concern, then a large pliers...
  7. Tuttles Revenge

    1001.2 trap is centrally located

    we've been getting this in the seattle/kingco area too. Bellevue was the first jurisdiction the inspector insisted on this method. We're just going through plan review on a restaurant in Ballard Any grief on the grease trap?
  8. Tuttles Revenge

    Multiple vent stacks or just one?

    Your vent serving the basement can connect to your main floor venting as you described. The cross sectional area of the required building sewer still has to be met by the same cross sectional area of the total vents leaving the building. So if the kitchen vent were to have been run individually...
  9. Tuttles Revenge

    Chair Carrier for Clinc Service Sink really needed?

    There is a tower in Seattle that I frequently service their Toto Neorest toilets. When they were built each owner had the option to upgrade their toilets to Neorest. The primary bathrooms however were plumbed with a more traditional bidet next to the toilet. So now a lot of these condos have...
  10. Tuttles Revenge

    Vacuum breaker for tub handheld

    I'll take a closer look at those code sections. I just remember getting shot down by an inspector years ago for basically the same situation. Yeah.. and this tub is going to be undermounted below a slab. They already are making access for the motor/electrics under the tub on one end. I'm sure...
  11. Tuttles Revenge

    Double sink stink

    I wonder if this is what the trap under the sink looks like? Seems like a stretch, but possible.
  12. Tuttles Revenge

    Double sink stink

    Seems there have been a lot of similar issues posted here that seem to track back to overflows. But I could imagine a trap with no proper vent installed that is siphoning.. Tho honestly I think that is unlikely. I've seen lots of improperly installed traps that never seem to siphon.
  13. Tuttles Revenge

    Shower leak on 2n floor, replaced caulk. Drain looks bad.

    This looks like a clamping shower drain. IE a mudset drain. The strainer body that you see is threaded into the upper clamping collar of the main drain body. The actual seal of the shower is supposed to be made by a membrane that is sandwiched between the body and the clamping collar. The tile...
  14. Tuttles Revenge

    24” metal toilet connector?

    I can't find anything beyond 20" online as well. But Breplums idea of installing a Delta supply which is the female by male flex connected to the appropriate length toilet supply is your best option. The angle stop looks like its the soldered on version, so rotating that seems like an...
  15. Tuttles Revenge

    Gerber Maxwell wall hung

    The old nuts should work fine. However You will want to very carefully compare some dimensions from new toilet to existing projections from the wall. Make sure that the drain barrel isn't going to touch the porcelain. Not only because touching will lead to breaking it also prevents the seal from...
  16. Tuttles Revenge

    Vacuum breaker for tub handheld

    Unfortunately the handheld will always be able to fit under the flood level since its deck mounted. I know functionally the diverter will be an effective means of backflow. Once pressure is turned off, as in a back siphonage scenario, the diverter will default to the tub filler effectively...
  17. Tuttles Revenge

    Double sink stink

    A P-Trap prevents sewer gases from coming from the sewer into your living space. Unless they're installed improperly. There should be water in the U bend under the J bend. If there is water there, then likely the smell is coming from another source than sewer gases. The likely other culprit...
  18. Tuttles Revenge

    Running potable water pipe inside 2" conduit underground. What are pipe options?

    We don't typically use fittings in the conduit so that there is nothing to hang up on when pulling tubing through. But if you get pipe with bell ends on it, you can install them so the lip of the pipe is always in the same direction. We always run tracer wire with it too in order to make it...
  19. Tuttles Revenge

    Vacuum breaker for tub handheld

    I'll have to do more research in what types of double checks I can install that are reasonable to install. I really don't want to install this style of double check which requires maintenance and I believe that these require specific location restrictions for testing.. ie, can not be installed...
  20. Tuttles Revenge

    Chair Carrier for Clinc Service Sink really needed?

    The problem is, that most of us who install professionally would never have the opportunity to try to undersize a flushometer fixture because that would cause us to fail an inspection. Old blowout urinals used 3/4 flushometers.. I don't really know what GPM they produce tho. But you would need...
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