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  1. cougfan

    Kitchen faucet sprayer does not work

    Does it work when the faucet is walking?what kind of fauvet is it?could be a clogged diverter
  2. cougfan

    Sulfer Rotten Egg smell after running water....

    thought the old one didn't seem to have much wear,try a plumbing supply house if they don't have one they can order it,also they need to be changed every few years so buy a couple extra and flush the tank yearly and it'll last alot longer
  3. cougfan

    Sulfer Rotten Egg smell after running water....

    You don't want an aluminum anode rod only as that will smell to high heaven you need an aluminum/zinc one and the zinc is the key ingredient.The other cure is to put a couple pints of hydrogen peroxide in the tank and flush it out that will cure the problem until the next time the tank sits for...
  4. cougfan

    Sulfer Rotten Egg smell after running water....

    Usually they come in magnesium from the man.Two different styles in the photo also,are you installing two of them?You should also drain the tank and get as much of the deposits out of it as possible and even pull the boiler drain to flush out the big chunks.
  5. cougfan

    Water Main Advice W/Pics

    this is a backflow preventer for probably an irrigation system.the quarter ports are for when the check valve is tested.Has this ever been tested?If not you need to contact a backflow tester and have this tested before any more work is done to it.It may need to be replaced entirely or rebuilt.
  6. cougfan

    Bio-Clean, Bacteria Waste Eliminator, Bioclean

    Bio Clean is great stuff,just have to let the customers know not to run antibacterial agents down the same drain,spit the mouthwash into the toilet and change soaps.Easy way to stay green.:)
  7. cougfan

    The 2009 pig slop contest begins

    Why didn't they just leave the jack underneath that continous mess to hold it up instead of laying it on the bottom of the cabinet and really show the pro's something?Wonder where the drain for the dishwasher goes?Oh yeah and something about a stove?:eek:
  8. cougfan

    need help, please

    Replacing the gate valve with a ball valve will help,but why not just shut off the washer bibbs? Also replace the washing machine hoses with fluidmaster braided "no burst" washing machine hoses for peace of mind.;)
  9. cougfan

    Kitchen drain adjustments to reduce water

    This island sink needs a loop vent to properly vent the system.
  10. cougfan

    proper use of 4" CI chain/snap cutter

    There are two types of snap cutters,one is a ratchet type and one is a scissor type,to use wrap around tighten an start ratcheting if you have the ratchet type which are best for in ground use,put some wire on the end of the chain to use as a leader to pull around the pipe and tighten the chain...
  11. cougfan

    Valve makes whistling or ringing sound

    Turning the valves down will just restrict the flow and not cure the problem.High water pressure affects every fixture in the house so check the pressure if it's above 80 psi,install a PRV and and a thermal expansion tank on the water heater.:eek:
  12. cougfan

    Valve makes whistling or ringing sound

    not over 80 psi is where the static pressure in the house should be, a pressure reducing valve is how to lower the pressure and lots of references to them on this forum.Listen to NHMaster grasshopper.
  13. cougfan

    Grohe volume control... plastic linkage tube

    Europlumber is right,to much stress on the parts.Moen has the same problems on their widespread faucets.The stem could be to stiff or to much pressure when turning off the stem.These are almost a one finger type of system when turning off.
  14. cougfan

    pipe reline

    Yeah I would,like I said this is more of a commercial application for large hotels and apartments that don.t want to tear up the walls and go through a large repipe,The other problem is if a repair or add is made to copper lined pipes the heat from soldering turns the epoxy to goo and if you...
  15. cougfan

    pipe reline

    I worked for a for a company that did epoxy relining,more of a large commercial application than a residential application.The sand blasting can scour the pipes out so that there are leaks,especially at the threads,the epoxy can close up at tees and nineties,Takes a lot of feel to do the job...
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