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  1. oldVermonter

    Just pulled the trigger on (2) Toto Drakes

    I installed a Toto Drake in my upstairs bathroom earlier this year. It is so much superior to the Kohler it replaced...the difference in bowl-cleaning ability is startling.
  2. oldVermonter

    Concrete septic

    I'm a little unclear...have you ever had it pumped? Non-digestible solids will build up over time, and need to be removed periodically (every 3 years is the typical recommendation). If the solids overflow into your leach area, they can clog and potentially ruin it, which could certainly cause...
  3. oldVermonter

    Toilet flange problem

    Breplum, Thank you for the quick response. Should I worry about the spacer flexing when I fasten it down? As I mentioned earlier, it doesn't sit flush on the metal flange. Just to make sure, this is the product I am talking about: Oatey Closet Flange Spacer If it was really the right way...
  4. oldVermonter

    Toilet flange problem

    First, thanks to everyone for the wonderful info you provide. I have learned so much from reading your discussions over the past few years. And thanks to Terry's family for keeping his legacy alive. Background: -I am replacing a 20-odd-years-old Kohler toilet (2F of a wood frame house) with a...
  5. oldVermonter

    How to bury an empty septic tank?

    Your current setup is polluting the ground (and possibly surface) water for a long ways downgradient. People in poor countries really do die from diseases they catch from water contaminated with untreated sewage. The reason you don't see it in the U.S. is that we use well-designed septic...
  6. oldVermonter

    Why are my fittings leaking?!

    Good point. Question: What kind of clamps did you use, and for how long? My installation was fine for a year or two, then the failures began.
  7. oldVermonter

    Why are my fittings leaking?!

    I saw the picture. The problem is, the various solutions either: 1. Allow it to leak (hose clamps); or 2. Spontaneously detach at some future date (Apollo pinch clamps and Apollo Sprint); or 3. Aren't rated for continuous pressure (Orbit Blu-Lock).
  8. oldVermonter

    Why are my fittings leaking?!

    The problem isn't the fitting. Brass or plastic, you still need a clamp to hold the hose to the fitting.
  9. oldVermonter

    Why are my fittings leaking?!

    I do a lot of drip irrigation, and have been struggling with poly connectors for years. Here are a few options I have in use: Apollo makes a couple of products, see this PDF: o Pinch clamps (p. 72). I've...
  10. oldVermonter

    Leaving unused wye in main drain line

    Wayne, thank you. For us ignorant-but-trying-to-learn people, when do you choose one or the other?
  11. oldVermonter

    Need to replace one-piece fiberglass shower/tub unit

    A couple of thoughts: 1) I'm a pretty capable DIY type. Last year, I replaced an old one-piece fiberglass unit (much like yours) with a Swan acrylic tub and surround. It went well, because I could take my time, and we had a second bathroom. This can be a really complex job, with -many-...
  12. oldVermonter

    Backwashing a Manganese / Iron filter to septic

    50-100 gallons is no big deal for a septic tank. Nor is softened or chlorinated water. Neither will cause any digestion problems. Precipitated - - but suspended - - backwash solids could hypothetically be an issue in your leach field if the quantity was large enough, though very unlikely I...
  13. oldVermonter

    Rust under sink faucet handles

    Something to consider…if the problem is only cosmetic, get a bottle of CLR (or other rust remover), and just clean it up every month or so. A real fix would certainly be better, but CLR might be a lot less work.
  14. oldVermonter

    Leak under slab

    I think it’s time to hire a pro, and pronto. This is potentially a really serious problem, and you need to resolve it ASAP.
  15. oldVermonter

    Sillcock and Hose Bib Shut Off Problem

    The first photo looks exactly like the frost-free hose bibbs on my house. I think that’s what you have.
  16. oldVermonter

    Leveling Kohler cast iron shower base

    Last year, I installed a Swan bathtub (<1/3 the weight of your beast), but I think my process would work for you: 1. Using clear plastic and a marking pen, create a map of your shower base, showing the exact location of each foot. 2. Flip the plastic over, and place it in the enclosure at the...
  17. oldVermonter

    Buy the Big Brands (Rainsoft, Kinetico, Culligan) or cheaper solution just fine?

    It's very unlikely that Culligan (or any other manufacturer) actually makes their own controllers...that's not how industry works nowadays. If it's Culligan-brand, that means an OEM contract manufacturer makes it to Culligan's specs, and attaches a Culligan label. That's not necessarily a...
  18. oldVermonter

    Leaky shower...not in the expected spot?

    I'll defer to the experts on how to fix the leak. But if you have had a leak for that long, you are at serious risk for black mold. Hate to say it, but you need to open up the walls and replace 100% of damp wooden and sheet rock material.
  19. oldVermonter

    Water Test Results - Recommendations?

    R.L means "recommended limit", your water is almost 3,000 times more turbid than it should be. At that level, it must be quite cloudy looking. Turbidity is not in itself harmful, but can shield disease-causing organisms from both testing and treatment. Any public agency in the U.S. (pretty...
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